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Mythological Allusions in Oedipus Rex and Anitgon

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Haley Tabor

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Mythological Allusions in Oedipus Rex and Anitgon

Mythological Allusions in Oedipus Rex and Antigone
Haley Tabor
Period 4
Plays written by Sophocles
What is an allusion?
A statement that refers to something else either directly or by implication
Allusions to Apollo
“Fulfilled the oracle: for Apollo said
My child was doomed to kill him; and my child—
Poor baby!---it was my child that died first.”

Iocaste, Scene 2, Page 45

Apollo. Apollo. Dear
Children, the god was Apollo.

Oedipus, Scene 4, Page 72
God of music, healing, and prophecy
Son of Zeus and his twin is Artemis
He is often seen with a bow and arrow
Allusions to Zeus
“Zeus, if indeed you are lo
rd of all,
Throned in light over night and day,
Mirror this in your endless mind:”

Antistrophe 2, Ode 2, Page 47

Oedipus Rex
And Zeus in a rain of gold poured love upon her.

Strophe 1, Ode 4, Page 229
King of the gods

God of the sky

Usually seen with a lightning bolt
Sealed up by Dionysos in deaf stone,

Antistrophe 1, Ode 4, Page 229

God of fertility and wine

Believed to be a patron of the arts
Most of greek plays were initially written to be performed at the feast of Dionysos
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