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Tim Hortons Presentation

No description

Inder Parhar

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Tim Hortons Presentation

` Company Profile
• Originally only coffee and donuts for 10 cents each Selling a Franchise By: Crystal Dong & Inder Parhar • Quick serve industry specializing in coffee,

• Tim Hortons was founded in 1964 in

• Founded by a Toronto Maple Leafs Products: baked goods, and home style lunches Hamilton, Ontario professional hockey player
Miles Gilbert Horton • Over 4071 restaurants as of July 1, 2012
• 3,326 located in Canada (26 in
• 724 in the USA
• 11 in the Gulf Cooperation Council Locations: • Headquarters located in Oakville,
Ontario • Began Tim Hortons after suffering a broken leg
• Died on February, 21, 1974 due to a car accident • stand-alone restaurants
• shopping malls
• highway outlets
• universities
• hospitals Where can you find a Tim Hortons? • Original creations: Apple Fritter and Dutchie doughnuts. • The first break through invention in 1976 was the
famous bite-sized doughnuts called Timbits. Demand Typical Customer
$2.9 billion (CDN)

Canada (in thousands of Canadian dollars) $5,564,263

U.S. (in thousands of U.S. dollars) $472,969

NET INCOME $647 million CAD (2010) Future Outlook Partnered with franchisee Ron Joyce in 1963 Statistics: • Well known by Canadians
• A part of Canadian culture
• TV, radio & paper advertisements
• Large number of convenient locations
attracting customers
• Caters to middle class Community/Company
Impact Customer Attractions: • Free wifi
• 24hr restaurants & drive thrus
• Contests
• Gift Cards
• Free samples • Quick and healthy meals - On the go
• Socializing atmosphere
• Middle Class Canadians & Americans
- Business workers, students,
seniors, etc. Where will Tim Hortons be in 10, 20, or 30 years? Franchising: • Provided over 100,000 jobs from 2008
• Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership
• Uses recycled paper to make cups
• Reusable mugs for in store purchased drinks.
• Participates in annual corporate clean up • Largest franchise company in Canada
• Focus on worldwide expansion
• Develop new Tim Hortons food machines
• In-door restaurant playgrounds
• Wider variety of original doughnuts added to
menu Improvements: • Renovations
• Better customer service
• More eco-friendly changes Sponsorships & Charities: • Minor & Major sports
• Charitable events
• Tim Hortons Scholarship Program
• Tim Hortons Children's Foundation
• Smile Cookies Safety: • "Always Safe" policy
• 7 week training
- Food handling & hygiene
- Team member relations
- Equipment maintenance
- In-restaurant security systems
• $480,000 - $510,000
• Prior management skills & food service or restaurant experience
• Committed, passionate, responsibility, and entrepreneurial drive with the ability to build a high preforming team Apply today at... Thank You!
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