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Year 10 - Mise en Scene/Sound

No description

Lucey Del

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Year 10 - Mise en Scene/Sound

Title: Mise en Scene
What is it?
(ii) Explore the ways in which two micro elements of film language
create meanings and responses in one sequence (maximum
5 minutes) from your chosen film. You should choose two of the
following micro elements of film language:
• mise-en-scène
• cinematography


• editing.
How do I write a good micro
Learning Objective:
To understand what mise-en-scene is and how to identify the elements.

Each aspect of mise-en-scene has hidden meanings within a film and sends signals to the audience about how we are supposed to feel at a certain point
Settings & Props

Costume, Hair & Make Up

Facial Expressions & Body Language

Lighting & Colour

Positioning of characters/objects within the frame
The 5 Elements of Mise en Scene

Visual information in front of the camera
Communicates essential information to the audience

Settings & Locations play an important part in film-making and are not just ‘backgrounds’

Sets are either built from scratch or a great deal of time is spent to find a setting which already exists


What settings and props you would find in:
A Science Fiction Film
A Romantic Comedy
A Horror Film
1. Settings & Props
Costume, Hair & Make Up act as an instant indicator to us of a character’s personality, status & job

It tells us immediately whether the film is set in the present and what society/or culture it will centre around

2. Costume, Hair & Make Up
Facial Expressions provide a clear indicator of how someone is feeling

If someone is smiling broadly, we assume they are happy but we may get a different feeling if this is accompanied by scary music

Body Language may also indicate how a character feels towards another character or may reflect the state of their relationship

TASK: What meanings/emotions do the following images convey:
3. Facial Expressions & Body Language
Positioning within a frame can draw our attention to an important character/object

A film-maker can use positioning to indicate relationships between people
4. Positioning of Characters & Objects within a frame
Lighting & Colour can be used to achieve a variety of effects:
To highlight important characters or objects within the frame

To make characters look mysterious by shading sections of the face & body

To reflect a characters mental state/hidden emotions (i.e. bright = happy, dark = disturbed, strobe effect = confused
5. Lighting
Colour carries certain connotations which may add meaning to a scene (i.e. Red = Danger/Passion)

Can give a scene a particular look, feel or mood

Can be used for dramatic effect
Denotation - what you can literally see.

Connotation - the associated meaning
In the photo I was analysing. I thought the.............was constructed very effectively. I noticed.................
Watch the clip and pick two more elements of mise en scene that you found interesting. Complete the grid.
While watching the rest of the film you need to
make notes on the following:

1. Identify 1 thing from each element of mise-en-scene
(costume/setting and props/lighting and colour/ body language/positioning in a frame).
Sound within
Learning objective:
To understand the different
elements of sound within film.
The Task:
The sound of a film is a very complex mix of:

Dialogue recorded on location.

Dialogue recorded after filming.

Diegetic sound or music
. Sound or music that is recorded on location as it happens.

Non-diegetic sound or music.
Pre-recorded music or sound that is added to the sound during the audio editing process.

Sound effects

What sort of instrument(s) do you think would be used to create a ‘sad’ atmosphere in film and television?
The two key words you need to know when analysing film are written below.

Copy their definitions:

Diegetic Sound:

Sound or music happens in the scene of the film. This will include dialogue and sounds which take place
within the world of the film
e.g. a door closing, gun being fired, police siren.

Non-Diegetic Sound:

Music or sound which is added to the film during the editing process. Most often, non-diegetic sound is music, which is used to create atmosphere or emotion.
Watch the clip that explains
diegetic and non diegetic sound
Start watching our next film. Think about the different sounds you hear. Complete the grid.
What effect does music
have on the audience?
What is the point of having music?
Music heightens our movie experience - it
helps develop emotions and builds connections with events that are happening
in the film
Take this clip for an
Apply these questions
to the second clip
1. What diegetic sounds did you hear?

2. What non-diegetic sounds did you hear?

3. How did the music enhance the film
Sound 1
You are going to read two
different versions
of a micro analysis.
You need to answer the
following question
to do with each essay.
1. Choose an extract from one of the students and explain why you think this shows evidence of teaching.
(The students have used subject specific language and have been clearly taught to analyse using terms like camerawork, mise en scene.)

2. Choose an extract from one of the students and explain why you think this shows a lack of understanding.
You are going to improve on the 2nd essay. Look at the sound paragraph - how could you make it better?

Watch the trailer and make some notes to help you.
What is wrong with the 1st essay?
What is wrong with the 2nd essay?
What could you include to
improve it?
What could you include to improve it?

Micro Analysis 20
Production details 10

Film pitch 10
Pre production 20

Evaluation 10
This terms target:
Now you know what a good
micro analysis looks like - you are going
to try to do your own.
3. Which micro analysis is better? Why?
You could start your new paragraph like this.....

'In the trailer i noticed various elements of sound,
for example.............................

Remember to use
1. Media terminology
2. Examples from the text
3. Effects on the audience
Part 2:

Explore the production,
distribution and exhibition
of your chosen film. (10 marks)
Marketing and promotion - 3 examples of marketing and/or promotion for your film
This is the making of the film who directed,
who wrote, who produced, who
developed the script, where was it filmed,
who edited, how much was spent on filming.
After a film is ‘in the can’ ( filmed, edited and literally put in a can!)
and all the finishing touched are completed the film is
handed over to a Distribution company who are responsible
for selling the film and getting it into cinemas
This is the stage when the film is actually in cinemas
1.Was it popular? Who were the target audience|?
2.The stars?
3.The genre?
4. The director?
5.How long did it stay in cinemas?
6. The films classification
Listen to the following pieces of music - how did they make you feel?

Write as many describing words as possible for each song.
Contrapuntal sound:

Sound which does not seem to fit what
is in the scene you are watching.
Write what scene in a
film this music would

Think of a film/TV show you have seen recently where the costume, hair and make-up played an in important part sending information to audiences.
The connotation of a gold ring is
A gold ring
connotes wealth

The connotation of red is.........................................
Red ................................... .............................

The connotation of a knife with blood on is..................
A knife with blood on ........................... ...............................
Element of Mise en Scene
Setting and props
The clip was set on a planet
This connotes that the
film is from the sci-fi
Summarise one element of mise en scene.
In the clip from...............................I thought that the use of ..........................................was used very effectively. I noticed that...................................this connotes that.............................it helps the audience understand..................

Please use the keywords:

Eveything you can see in the scene/frame.
It's a French term!
What does mise en scene tell us?
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