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Push and Pull factors of Texas

No description

thomas wehring

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Push and Pull factors of Texas

What would be a push factor from
Texas? Well I,ll tell you or the class it just depends on who's reading it.But the push factor was that they had to cross the mexican boarder to get there and they needed permission to colonize.
There was a lot of fertil land to plant crops like cotton,corn,wheat,and berrys.
Cheap land grants
There was more than one reason why people wanted to settle in Texas was because of the cheap land grants that where practicly a steal!They where so cheap it brought people to settle from Oklahoma,New Mexico,and loisiana.
The pull factors
The thing that brought many Anglo to Texas was the natural land scape and a great source of food such
as deer,berry's,and fruit.
They also colonized by a river that gave them an
water source! Which allowed them to
live a nice long,peaceful life.
There where even some perks after you spent money you could have gotten more by finding gold or silver by just digging a big hole in the ground. You either got gold,silver,or absolutly nothing.
Push and Pull factors of Texas
By Thomas Wehring
The good thing about Texas is that theres plenty of water. Most people think that Texas is just manly desert and well there wrong it was mainly like that in the 1800s early 1900s.Then bigger building where made as well as more people with ideas to improve!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Some big draw backs where that there where constantly getting raided by the native americans that lived there to take gold,land and sadly lives of settlers.
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