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But if you do have some extra money in your piggy bank, use

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Sebastian Gutierrez-Hood

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of But if you do have some extra money in your piggy bank, use



For more information and help!
photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Why are renewable energy sources important?

All levels of government will be involved in our plan: Federal, State and Local.

The two projects that we know will help sustain energy and keep energy bills low are: Solar Energy Tariff rate rises and making new and old buildings meet an environmentally cooperative standard.
Tariff is the amount of money homeowner gets for the amount of energy it doesn’t use and is returned to the government(homeowner has to have a solar panel). We aim to introduce a project to increase this amount of money.

The second part of our plan to move NSW away from fossil fuels is using grey water(water already used in washing machines), solar panels, insulation and water tanks to make buildings more environmentally friendly and make sure that all new buildings meet an environmentally cooperative standard.
On the left are the statistics of energy use for an average Australian home according to the SA government. Here are some ways you can save energy in your home.
Some ways you can make a difference!

The Issue
As technology becomes more and more influential in our everyday lives, so does our need for power. Honestly, ask yourself this: How long can you go without any power?
Solar Panels
First of all, what are Solar panels? Solar panels are panels which are either put on roofs or walls to capture solar light. The solar energy captured will then be converted into electrical energy. These solar panels might be expensive at first, but in the end it saves money and also saves the environment. Instead of using fossil fuels, we have to move on to other renewable energy sources and solar panels are one of them
Making energy is one of the most challenging problems faced today. Not because it is very hard, but because of the sheer amount of power used by the billions of people everyday. Also, the more we depend on fossil fuels, the more our polluted our planet gets. It has been shown that switching to alternative sources of energy can not only save the planet, but they can also save you money.
The quest for renewable energy
There are many types of renewable energy, but the 4 most common are Wind Energy, Solar Energy, natural gas energy and Hydro-electric energy. It has been estimated that, if everyone in the world moved away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy and switched to renewable energy, we could save up to $180 billion per year. On top of this, we could also cut down our global emissions in half in the energy sector by the year 2030.
In our plan, you can be sustainable & eco friendly AND save money at the same time too!It's a win-win situation, but only if you do your part! Sometimes saving energy may be a bit expensive, but there are small things that you can do. These small things can largely save energy altogether.
Making sure that new buildings meet a standard.
This is the standard for all new buildings:
-solar panels installed
-fluorescent light bulbs
-a good amount of sunlight (optional)
-Natural Ventilation
The difference.
The difference between old buildings and new buildings will be BIG. Environment friendly, energy saving and money saving buildings. What's not to love about the new plan?
Sombreros as a tribute to Adam Sadek
for his excellent goalkeeping
No Peter Chins were harmed
in the making of this film.
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