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Individual Practicum Project Presentation

NUR 590A/B

clarissa bunales

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Individual Practicum Project Presentation

Reducing Charge Nurse Anxiety in Clinical Settings
NUR 590AB Practicum Project
Scholarly Product:
1. PMMC RNs Risk of PBS
2. Develop stress reduction technique
Project Development
Practicum Learning Agreement
Project Values
Literature Review
1. provide coping training strategies/stress reduction techniques
2. change the physical environment
3. creative staffing
Original Practicum Learning Agreement
Choosing a Mentor
Choosing the Facility
mentorship=essential relationship promoted between two members of a like discipline with the intent of developing future leaders
1. belief the project would contribute to nursing practice at PMMC
2. invest in my work environment and community of which it serves

Diaz-Rodriguez, L., Arroyo-Morales, M., Cantarero-Villanueva, I., Fernandez-Lao, C., Polley, M., & Fernandez-de-las-Penas, C. (2011, Sept-Oct). The application of Reiki in nurses diagnosed with BurnoutSyndrome has beneficial effects on concentration of salivary IgAand blood pressure. Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 19, 1132-1138. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix Library Database.

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O’Mahony, N. (2011, September). Nurse burnout and the working environment. Emergency
Nurse, 19(5), 30-37. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix Library Database.

Pali Momi Medical Center. (2012). Pali Momi spotlight service. Retrieved from http://www.palimomi.org

Wlodarczyk, D., & Lazarewicz, M. (2011, November). Frequency and burden with ethical
conflicts and burnout in nurses. Nursing Ethics, 18, 847-861. doi:10.1177/0969733011408053
•Meeting with the staff / managers/ mentor (schedule constraints & conflicts)
•Meeting with the Healing Touch/Reiki volunteers
•Meeting with my mentor
•Changing the practicum goal to focus on charge nurses
•Data collection (collection of pre & post MBI tool and responses to breathing technique/ Reiki treatments
•Data collection for needs assessment
•Meeting deadlines for regular schoolwork & the timeline of the practicum
•Unexpected outcome- Reiki volunteers enjoyed sessions with staff and vice versa
a)Opened up staff to the importance of relaxation (both involved in sessions and NOT involved in sessions), peaked interest in Reiki
b)Reiki volunteers voiced interest in coming again
c)Symbiotic relationship- my breathing technique, their Reiki session
A. Knowledge that things are not perfect, and to accept things as they go
B. Expect the unexpected and allow time for it
C. Welcome the unexpected “monkey wrenches” as the change may be the better outcome
D. I am NOT always in control- which is good
E. Advice/criticisms are healthy and good for you- I should learn to take more than just a couple bites- but platefuls
F. Remove the rose colored glasses
G. Embracing (A-F) this attitude is infectious, good to spread to others (especially since I’m so type A and methodical)
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