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Sheath Underwear Marketing Plan

No description

Naquesha Johnson

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Sheath Underwear Marketing Plan

SHEATH Underwear Marketing Plan

Mission Statement
The purpose of this marketing plan is to provide strategic guidance for increasing sales of Sheath Underwear
There are multiple manufacturers of mens underwear, but because Sheath is so unique, they are not deemed barriers to success
SHEATH is currently priced lower than competitive brands.
Increase wholesale customer base and streamline online sales and order handling processes.
Product Information
Market Information
The customer demographics SHEATH LLC is trying to apeal to are males between the ages of 18-55. These men are educated, successful, physically active and specifically engaged in sports, martial arts, or yoga.
Sales Forecasting
There are several trends developing in mens underwear sales. Currently a greater percentage of men are shopping for their own underwear. The U.S. market growth is slowing, while international market growth is greatly increasing.
Promotion Mix & Action Plan
Sheath is currently utilizing internet advertising to attract potential customers. However, as outlined below, Sheath is looking to expand advertising in several ways.
SHEATH aims to provide the highest quality, functional alternative to traditional men’s underwear
Business Goals
To develop a socially & evironmentally concious, self-sustaining, profitable global enterprise.
Improve quality and decrease cost of production.
Targeted advertising and sales.
Promote the SHEATH brand.
-Premium men’s boxer briefs
-The colors available are Root Red, Throat Blue, Meridian Black, and Alex Gray
-100% Cotton
-Modified design, including an interior pouch sewn directly into the groin of the garment
-Retail Price of $16.99
-Average cost per pair of $6.99
-Profit per pair of approximately $10
Customer Location
-SHEATH is seeking customers in the U.S. and internationally as well
-SHEATH will target emerging markets in developing nations
Selection Factors
-Criteria for underwear selection includes; comfort, fit, quality, softness, durability, and price.
Market Size/Trends
-The total market size for men’s underwear in 2012 was $2.194 billion
-There is a trend towards function specific underwear.
-Fruit of the Loom
-Calvin Klein
$17.99 -$150
Current Strategy
SHEATH underwear is sold direct to the consumer via Sheathunderwear.com
Future Plans
-Seek to sell SHEATH underwear in major Mall retail stores
-Seek to enter the online wholesale market
Industry Sales
-Hanes has a growth forecast of 9.9%.
-Industry sales growth will be 13.65% over the next five years
Sheath Sales
-Daily Gross Sales $58.00
-$27,000 as of
August 1, 2013
-New campaign Projected sales to exceed 25k per quarter.
Print Media
-Advertise in sporting magazines: Runner's, Cycling, Competitor, & Outside.
-Use lifestyle magazines such as GQ, Sports Illustrated, and Men's Journal
SHEATH will begin by sponsoring community events, like 5K's, marathons, and other sporting events like AAU teams.
-SHEATH is currently sponsoring a new MMA fighter, Gavin Tucker
-SHEATH will seek to sponsor sports stars like John Cena

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