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Why Are There So Many High-rise buildings in Hong Kong?

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Darya S

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Why Are There So Many High-rise buildings in Hong Kong?

Why Are There So Many High-rise buildings in Hong Kong?
Why are there so many high rise buildings
The reason there are so many high rise buildings is because there are so many people on different incomes, that they need more building to support people on high incomes and people on low incomes.
Pros of Living in Hong Kong
~ Lots of new buildings and options
~ Lots of resources
~ Custom made furniture
~ Outdoor pursuits
~ Great night life
~ Great selections of food
~ Lots of public transportation
Cons of Living in Hong Kong
~ Lack of space
~ High rent
~ Very humid and dry summers
~ Very little middle ground
~ Over priced supermarkets
~ Expensive flights
~ Limitations for English only speakers
I wouldn't live in Hong Kong because the life style is very hard and different. There are also less opportunities for English speakers. It may also be very difficult to learn their language as ther is no alphabet.
There are so many high-rise buildings because there can be a big population.
Scariest Selfie EVER
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