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The Effect of Moodle on Learning

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Mark Meredith

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of The Effect of Moodle on Learning

Tech in the Lab
Effect of Assignment Styles on Learning
Different Moodle assignment styles over four units of the biology curriculum.

Solitary Assignments

Interactive Assignments
Student Attitudes on Moodle Assignments
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“The quizzes are usually about what we've learned in class, therefore it’s the most important ideas and concepts that are being reinforced. This really helps you remember the information.”
On Learning and Homework?
What is the Effect of Moodle Assignment Styles
On Quizzes...

How do the different styles of Moodle assignments contribute to student learning?

Two sub-questions were identified over the course of the study:

What are student attitudes toward the different styles of Moodle assignments?

Does a correlation exist between student preference of assignment style and the assignment’s effectiveness as a learning tool?

Focus of the Study
Russellville, AR
Adaptive Quizzes
Q & A Forums
Open Forums
Four Units Used in the Study
Average from
Units 3, 5, & 6
On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the effectiveness of the overall Moodle experience in helping you learn?
Perceived Highly
Perceived Highly
Scoring 9-10
Scoring 1-4
Student Thoughts
“Quizzes require the least amount of effort. They do require effort, but just not as much as the responses and that’s why I like them more.”
On Quizzes...
-Lazy Student
On Forums...
“I enjoyed the open discussions because I could see if I was doing it right and it helped me reading other peoples post.”
“I like the open forum because I like the discussion of the topic and being able to see what everyone really thinks.”
On Forums...
“Open forums tend to be like 4 kids spending hours typing and stating all of the information (I am, I'll admit, one of these people), then a few halfhearted attempts to find something original to add, then several 2 line long copy and pasted entries.”
On Forums...
“I most enjoy the quizzes, because I find satisfaction in seeing exactly what I do and do not know so that I may better learn.”
On Quizzes...
“I enjoy the quizzes because they are quick. I know that makes me seem like a lazy high school student... but in reality that's why I like them.”
On Quizzes...
Lazy Student
10 Years of Teaching

NB Certification in 2011

Teaching Assignment:
Pre-AP Biology
AP Biology
The Presenter
Russellville, Arkansas
Population: 27,920 (2010)
Elevation: 346 ft
Arkansas Nuclear One
1121 Students 10th - 12th Grades
Russellville High School
Mark Meredith
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