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Tundra Biome

No description

Spencer Clark

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Tundra Biome

Tundra Biome What is a Tundra Biome Treeless region
Borders the Arctic Ocean
Last Biome before the Polar Ice Caps
Freezing Desert
Conditions Winter temp -40F
Winds 30-60mph
Precipitaion 10in or below
Summer-Freezing temps Permafrost Permanently frozen layer of soil 1.5 feet below
Results when snow melts
Water can not soak into ground
Turns Tundra into marsh
Roots of trees can't penatrate the thick layer Plants & Animals Dwarf Willows
Perennial wild flowers
Plants grow low to the ground for warmth
Short growing season due to short summers
Arctic fox
Standing water brings Mosquitos
Insects provide for birds
Snowy Owls
Grizzly Bears
Birds migrate elsewhere for nesting but travel back for the summer feast
Animals regulate blood flow in their legs for warmth Human Impact One of the most fragile Biomes
Humans leave scars that persist for centuries
Impacts of civilization
Located around oil drilling sites
Oil pipelines
Military bases Northern North America, Asia, Europe
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