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Kite Runner - Chapter 22-23

Présentation du 29.11.2012 d'anglais

Diana Rodrigues

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Kite Runner - Chapter 22-23

Chapter 22-23 The Kite Runner THE KITE RUNNER 1. Situation
2. Summary the content
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
3. Characters
4. Themes and symbolism
5. Style and language
6. Conclusion
7. Sources 1. Situation Rahim asked Amir to find Sohrab.
Kabul = Talibs terrorize and kill 4. Themes and symbolism 3. Characters 6. Conclusion Chapters 22-23 2. Summary the content CHAPTER 22 CHAPTER 23 AMIR ASSEF SOHRAB 5. Style and language 7. Sources Amir goes in alone to see the official.

Talibs bring Sohrab to the room

The official asks Amir where “babalu” is. => Ali

Official = Assef

He and Amir have unsettled business. Assef beats Amir badly

Amir starts laughing

He is being beaten up anf he feels comfort

Sohrab points his slingshot at Assef
->takes out Assef’s eye.

Farid drives them away Amir fades in and out of consciousness

Rahim has left town

Letter for Amir
-> he should forgive himself

Baba was torn between two sons

Taliban are looking for him

People Amir planned to leave Sohrab, never existed. • Selfish to Selfless

• Courageous

• Correcting past mistakes

• Sacrifice himself for Sohrab REDEMPTION
• His chance to confront his guilt.
• Stand up for what is right.
• His way to be good again.
• He intervened on behalf of Sohrab .
• Fights with Assef and laughs because he feels redeemed.
--->“My body was broken – just how badly I wouldn`t find out until later- but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed.”(p.253 - l.8) FAHRID Yorknotes
Sparknotes (http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/the-kite-runner/section11.rhtml)
Official Talib

He never forget a face


Uses his power to kill innocent Afghans He is like his father

Like the same things like Hassan
->slingshot, panjar (cards)

Slave of Assef

Defeats Assef -> save Amir helps a lot Amir

seems like Hassan
->loyal FORGIVENESS CRUELTY OF TALIBAN SYMBOLS Assef has no pain when he killed people

Like a game

Terror = Education Rahim's letter = Forgiveness

"God will forgive"

forgiving oneself Cleft lip mark of Hassan’s status in society


Amir’s identity becomes merged with Hassan’s. The Lamb sacrifice of an innocent

Sohrab as looking like a slaughter sheep as his father IRONY Sohrab saves Amir from Assef-> like Hassan

decorative ball from the table

Amir feels free after his beating from LANGUAGE Language formal-> letter of Rahim Khan

Language medical No more guilt for Hassan's rape

End of the battle

Car sickness is gone
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