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Gabriel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Steam

In-Home Streaming, Steam Music released
Revealed to
the public.
History of Steam
Steam has been around since September of 2003

More Steam stuff

Future of Steam
Steam Testing
- Steam Beta testing will be available to the public.
- Simply activate it by going into settings.
- Participating in Beta will allow you to view and test out
the early access Steam versions.
- Bug fixes can be reported via the Steam email or on the
- Feedback will be available in a separate forum.

Steam Evolution
- Steam will have a more in-depth market and will expand
the economy of the different games.
- Steam shortcut bar will provide more convenience to the
- Partnerships will help attract new users.

- Partnership with EA's Origin.
-Be able to play games like Battlefield 4, FIFA, NHL
which are only available on the Origin platform.
- Cloud saving support for all games.
- For the Market, allow players to post trade offers available to be seen by other users.
-Instead of just using money to trade in the market, allow players to offer in-game items
- Screen sharing.
- Shortcut bar
- Steam UI skin update.
Steam Implementation
by: Jasper S. and Gabriel N.
Steam Big Picture Trailer
How we do things:
- We have a page in our Discusion system in Steam where people suggest ideas for improvements.

- After analyzing the page, we go on design and implement the ideas mixed with ours.

- For testing we give a certain amount of beta code to random users which lets them test out upcoming updates

Official Release
of Steam
- Steam is a digital distribution platform in PC
- Steam was made by Valve and it was release back in
- Over 32 million unique and active accounts.
- Over 20 million signing in daily.
- Over 3500 games and available across platforms like
Windows, Linux, and Mac
- Started off as a way to update Valve games and implement
a way to protect games using VAC anti-cheat.
- Expanded into a much bigger program helping release
thousands of games, programs, and a workshop.
First publisher partnership
New Updated
Steam UI
Steam community launched
Steamworks released,
Matchmaking released
OS X client released
Translation server
opened, UI update released
Steamcloud released
Steam Analysis
- Design is going out of date.
- Some on-demand games are not available on the store.
- Loss of save files that may have been deleted or
- Market system limits the way you can trade with

PS3 steamworks integration
Steam workshop, Steam on mobile Steam greenlight,
Big picture Mode, Non-gaming apps
Steam Machine hardware, Linux client released, Public customer reviews, Family Sharing
Broadcast streaming, Stream VR/HTC Vive
In-Home Streaming, Steam Music released
Old Steam
-From a software to a console
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