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Why Should You Study Abroad?

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antonio reyes

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Why Should You Study Abroad?

Why Should You Study Abroad? 1. Gain Competitive Advantage in for Future Career

2. Increase Personal Independence & Sense of Self

3. Broaden the Face of America in the Global Community

4. Diversify U.S. Diplomatic Corps: As of 2005, African Americans - 6.5%, Hispanics - 5.2%, Asian Americans - 5.2%.

5. Contribute to Diversity of Perspective in International Business, Education, Global Development, Etc.

6. Create lasting friendships Six Great Reasons!!! Critical Language Skills
Intercultural Communications
Creativity and Strategic Thinking
Independent Thinking & Risk-Taking Build Your Hard & Soft Skills What Do We Mean By Underrepresented Groups? Why Don't More of Us Study Abroad? FEAR
The 4 Barriers to Study Abroad DiversityAbroad.com/Scholarships
David L. Boren Scholarship
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Hispanic Study Abroad Scholars ( thru HACU)
Freeman Foundation Asia Studies
Critical Language Scholarship
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) The Money is Out There! Talk with your Academic Advisor
Attend Study Abroad Information Session, or…
Visit Your Study Abroad Office
Ask Questions: Campus deadlines; financial aid transfer; approved programs; overall campus approval process; courses that fulfill requirements of major?
Provide Information To Your Parents (if applicable)
Apply for Your Passport
Prepare for an adventure What's Next? You Can Do It! See you soon! YOU CAN START THE PROCESS TO STUDY ABROAD NOW! What Are Your Global Opportunities? Advanced Degree
Career Will I be safe?
Will the people like me?
How will I get around if I don't know the language?
Should I worry about racism & terrorism? F.E.A.R
False Expectations Appearing Real FAMILY I'm a first-generation college student
None of my family members has done it.
Can my family visit me?
Will I be able to contact my family? FACULTY How much does it cost?
Can I afford it?
FAFSA? FINANCES Visit DiversityAbroad.com Find Study, Intern and Volunteer Abroad Programs
Get Access to DiversityAbroad.com Scholarships
Learn From the Experiences of Past Participants
Connect with Other Students Going Abroad
Get Career and Grad School Advice After You Return
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