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The Weapon

By Fredric Brown

Anita Xu

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of The Weapon

Short Story Project
--By Anita Xu
Jenny Pham The Weapon Quotations Mr. Niemand: "But, Dr. Graham, is humanity ready for an ultimate weapon?” Quotations 3 The Weapon ----By Frederic Brown The Weapon Major Characters Dr. James Graham Harry Graham Point Of View Setting Setting Precis Frederic Brown Brown's Style Frederic Brown The Author "There are no rules. You can write a story,
if you wish, with no conflict, no suspense,
no beginning, middle or end. Of course, you
have to be regarded as a genius to get away
with it, and that's the hardest part -- convincing everybody you're a genius."
--Fredric Brown Hate to write but love putting words together
Lover of black comedy & mysteries
Career began in mid-1930s
Spend lots of efforts and money on titles
Difficult to find his work
Weird take on genre An O. Henry-Style twist ending from hell
Outrageous wordplay
Other works:
"The Dead Ringer"
"The Bloody Moonlight"
"The Moon for a Nickel" Mr. Niemand went to visit Dr.Graham, an expert on weapons. Dr.Graham had a son who was mentally arrested. While Mr. Niemand was talking to Dr.Graham about the danger of the weapons, his son came out and seemed to like Mr.Niemand. While Graham was getting a drink for Niemand, he gave the son a gift. It was a loaded revolver. Time: In early evening

The story happened in early evening mirrored the situation that the weapons are in now. The weapons are not really strong right now and the experiment is not completed yet. But if the weapons are eventually done and became really strong, the true dark and evening will come. Place: A quiet room in dimness

It was a quiet room because this kind of atmosphere gave the scientist mood to think.
This kind of mood also gave Mr.Niemand space to try to convince the doctor to stop developing weapons for human. Tried his best to love his son
Scientist, a lover of science
Developing an ultimate weapon
Doesn't feel responsible or guilty about what he was doing Dr. Graham's son
Mentally arrested
Always stay in his own world
15 years old
Liked Mr. Niemand Mr.Niemand Want to protect world
Know that human is not reliable
Want the doctor to stop his experiment
Madman Conflict Conflict Climax Theme Quotations Third person limited omniscient
Influences the readers:
Can’t predict the personality of Mr. Niemand & the ending of the story
Makes the readers curious then surprises them with the unexpected ending.
External between Dr. Graham and Mr. Niemand
- Mr. Niemand: "Dr. Graham, you are the man whose scientific work is more likely than that of other man to end the human race's chance for survival."
Mr. Niemand: "But, Dr. Graham, is humanity ready for an ultimate weapon?"
Dr. Graham: "I fear you're wasting your time and mine, Mr. Niemand. I know all the arguments, everything you can say I've heard a thousand times. Possibly there is truth in what you believe, but it does not concern me."
Dr. Graham: "I have told you my point of view, Mr. Niemand."
The conflict isn't resolved.
Starts from when Harry went back to his room
Mr.Niemand asked Dr. Graham for a drink
Went into Harry's room and gave him a gift
That gift turned out really unexpected to Dr. Graham- a loaded gun
Human should have fully knowing about the consequences power could bring to human kind and learn to control the power and technology they have "Dr. Graham, you are the man whose scientific work is more likely than that of other man to end the human race's chance for survival." “He thought, only a madman would give a loaded revolver to an idiot.”
About wars and weapons could end the human race’s chance for survival, humanity isn’t ready for it, and it’s stupid and mad to use such a dangerous thing for a meaningless reason
The meaning and the moral of the story Make Graham realize what is really going on in the world and how naïve he is
Graham doesn’t feel responsible
Niemand switches the roles
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