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Reverend Billy is an accountant


Eric Cohen

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Reverend Billy is an accountant

Reverend Billy IS an accountant!
"Stereotypical Accountant"
An Accountant??
Reverend Billy and the Church of Life after Shopping
Bill Talen
Environmental Accountant
Social Accountant
Managerial Accounting
Financial Accounting
Environmental Accounting
Social Accounting
Thank You!
Any questions?
Eric Cohen
Dara Saad
Steve Tirelli
"An approach to reporting a firm’s activities, stressing the need to identify a socially relevant behavior, determine the stakeholders, and develop/report appropriate measures"
Consists of:
Qualified non-financial info and Descriptive non-qualified info
Express organizational accountability to stakeholders
Process of communicating social/environmental effects of economic behavior, by corporations, on particular interest groups within society
Reverend Billy acknowledges the struggles of small businesses due to transnational firms
Proposes to incrementally allocate expenses in a sustainable manner, while supporting local businesses
Social Accounting
Social Accounting also considers Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR is the premeditated inclusion of public interest, when corporate actions take place.
CSR follows a triple bottom line of;
This links to one of Reverend Billy’s fundamental issues of sustainable living
Main idea deals with mass consumerism, and how it remains a significant concern
Social Accounting
People, Plant & Profit
Social Accounting
One should consider social accounting as the type one obtains, when the artificial limits of conventional accounting are removed
This IS the concept that Reverend Billy supports
Artist and Producer in San Francisco turned Activist
Moved to New York City and began preaching in Times Square
Arrested approx. 50 times!!
....for protesting that is
Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping
Soon joined by other anti-consumerists from different backgrounds
Preaches in stores such as the Gap, Disney Store, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch
FYI --> Bill Talen and the rest of the Church are banned from entering any Starbucks
Exorcising the cash register at Victoria's Secret
Billy and the Church
They don't support the existence of multinational corporations
Encourage people to spend less
Recently filmed a documentary "What Would Jesus Buy?"
Morgan Spurlock
... the guy from "Super Size Me"
Environmental Accounting
Increasing social focus to measure environmental performance
Environmental accounts provide data which highlight the economic and environmental well-being and their respective costs
Still has in our current business environment
little legitmacy
Environment should be seperate from business interest
Example - JPMorgan & Chase
Finances of the Mountaintop Removal mining in West Virginia
Purpose - Mining for coal
Dirt Mound in Chase Bank
Example - Victoria Secret
catalogues printed every day
Increases the size of landfills
Endangered forests being cut down
Canadian Boreal
Southeast United States
Goal: To raise public awareness
Environmental Accounting
Corporate Business Strategy will change - include environmental impact
Produce reports for both internal and external use
Coal Burning results in CO2 emissions
Sunday, March 21, 2010
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