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One Piece

No description

autumn mccollum

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of One Piece

One Piece
goal: become
Pirate King
the straw hat crews
a master chief
Devil Fruits
rare fruits of the ocean
when eaten one will permanently
gain a strange ability
and lose the ability to swim
and make Luffy
king of the pirates
his body's made of rubber
looking for friends
to join his crew
3 sword swordsmen
by Autumn McCollum
obsessed with money
cat burglar
goal: become
the best swordsmen
gets lost a lot
only survivor of her race
has the flower
devil fruit
can bloom body
parts anywhere
strong kick force
weak for women
the crews doctor
a blue nosed reindeer
has the human devil fruit
allowing him to become
part human
the crews shipwright
has the revival
devil fruit
goal: find pet whale
from past life
sling shot sniper
kind of a wimp
good liar
clueless and fearless

Fun Facts
has been airing for
15 years
most popular manga
in the world
345 million printed copy's
to find the legendary treasure: One Piece
400 mil. bounty
120 mil. bounty
77 mil. bounty
16 mil. bounty
30 mil. bounty
50 beri bounty
80 mil. bounty
44 mil. bounty
33 mil. bounty
671 current episodes
Monkey D. Luffy and his
friends set out
goal: find the sea
of his dreams
goal: build the wolds best ship
created by Eichiro Oda
goal: map the world
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