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BPM Assessment Team Presentation 04032013

April 3, 2013

Jessica Schnier

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of BPM Assessment Team Presentation 04032013

Documentation 1 Methodology 2 Meeting Agenda Review individual interview feedback. Documentation 2 BPM Assessment Assess the current state of BPM to identify areas for improvement that will allow BPM to best serve customers. Discuss topics as a team. Reminder:
Respect all opinions presented. Legend:
-Few to medium # of comments
-Over half the team commented Show BPM Value 1 Need more/better data
Show ROI (quantifiable savings)
Show before/after metrics (Impact Assessment); follow-up 6mo-1yr later
Case studies show soft savings
Assess as we go through project Dashboard - highlight project results
Metrics - internal and external perspectives.
Metrics - simple & succinct to show big picture.
Include reasons project on hold (waiting for $).
Show positive impact of BPM legwork (research, benchmarking, data gathering). Work on projects for mandated/critical County services.
Lou/Charles at 1st project meeting to determine if project is the department's top priority.
Create a BPM Strategic Plan. Market BPM successes to build fan base and BPM brand.
Spread services to new departments. The Good Show BPM Value 2 Methodology 1 Many projects don't fit DMAIC mold; should be Lean, Design for Six Sigma, DMADV, or Quality Improvement.
DMAIC requires data.
Need checklist of all methodologies and associated templates.
Decide in Assessment Phase which methodology applies. Improve phase is more iterative than current structure allows.
Need a Continuous Improvement phase with dedicated resources to finish control and continuously improve.
Goal should be to get results, not complete the project. Control Phase - We don't do this but need to.
Project won't reach full potential is not involved with implementation and does not reassess after completion. The Assessment Phase... is inconsistent.
has a good template.
should be less formal.
can create a large scope, setting up the project to fail.
should be fact-finding, not problem solving (recommendations).
is too long & detailed. Should be quick diagnosis & kickoff.
is unnecessary; do not currently use.
is the same as the Define phase.
should be a feasibility study for non-DMAIC review projects.
should be replaced by the initial management triage. Methodology 3 Project Charter = Good way to keep everyone on same page throughout project
Do a business case instead of the Project Charter Need a way to track everything that goes into the project behind the scenes, not just the deliverables. Financial documents (ROI)
Communication Plan
Gantt Chart/Timeline
Roles and Responsibility Matrix Documentation 3 Inconsistent documentation & how/if conduct tollgate
Don't use reports
Formatting is difficult
Decide as a team #/type of reports
Need standard templates
Need library of templates/tools
One-page reports or PowerPoints easier for customer
Visuals convey info best
Are formal reports necessary? For internal use? Eliminate? Need templates: Status Reporting Customers don't look at SharePoint.
Sites are not kept current and not user friendly.
Need cultural change communicated from top. Use one-page status report instead of SP.
Brief PowerPoint presentation.
SP should contain meeting summary info but should not be the primary source of information.
Need a consistent status update template. Manager updates: Should be weekly & in-person.
Copy Lou/Charles on status updates. Customize how/when present status based on customer preference.
Define in Communication Plan. Workload 1 Roles Have Green Belts (GBs) dedicated to Black Belts (BBs).
BB oversees multiple projects with GBs assigned.
GBs handle smaller spin-off projects.
Need more GBs than BBs. BBs and GBs should be partners on projects.
GBs dedicated to BBs = Subservient role
Good when skills of BB and GB compliment each other.
GBs need mix of solo and with BB projects.
Project assigned to GB or BB based on project size and $$. Need to decide as a team what an "average" project entails.
Depends on required documentation.

For large enterprise projects, focus on one project.
Will include smaller spin-off projects.

Smaller projects: 2-5 appropriate.

With workload, also must consider work outside projects
Strategic Initiatives
Previous project support
Team coordination Team takes on too much; broad scope.
Customers see us as "IT" to fix all.
When can we say no?
Scope creep; hard to know before define.
Current job roles that should be out of scope:
1) Fighting for technology funding
2) Change readiness
Hard to motivate when in department for years (not normal six sigma).
Working over 40 hrs/wk.
Insufficient resources dedicated to project for scope. Workload 2 Collaboration important.
Important to keep everyone in the loop.

Important to engage with IT.
Don't burn bridges - BPM sometimes offers solutions IT can't provide which makes them look bad.
Leverage business partner experiences. (Ex: City, CMS)
Leverage OD for change management.

Need to provide united front to customers. (with IT, CRMs, PMs, etc.)

Have not partnered with other teams. Partnering with Other Teams 2 Overlap/uncertainty in roles (BA, PM, CRM, LLD)
Define roles and workflow; how to engage teams?
Provide dashboard/pamphlet with group mission, responsibilities, contact. Partnering with Other Teams 1 Have key representatives report to managers, everyone is not needed.
Have one Black Belt dedicated to department with PM/BA/CRM reporting to them. Knocks down silos.
Need to bring in partners earlier in the project.
Do we lead PMs and CRMs or are they in charge of their areas?
Some CRMs more helpful than others. How to deal with less helpful CRMs? Usually 100% utilized so unable to count on their availability
Need to discuss resource availability with manager
Have to manage when & how often resources are available
Have the tools: iGrafx, Daptiv?
Communication and status meetings?
How to best utilize without burning them out or damaging BPM brand? Dept. Green Belts/Yellow Belts Great when available
Help with Assessment Report, current state mapping (SMEs)
Use similar to team GBs
Each department should have a YB (liaison to BP)
Coach them to be in charge of continuous improvement once project ends The Good Show BPM Value Methodology Documentation Status Reporting Workload Roles Partnering with Other Teams Dept. Green Belts & Yellow Belts Training Various Six Sigma methodologies (new & refresher)
Organizational Improvement (big picture)
Focus training on BPM goals; manage team variance
Best in class info forum with private sector expert
When/how to apply statistical tests
Program Mgmt Prof (PGMP) - we are program managers
Change Mgmt training - we are change agents
Daptiv, SharePoint & iGrafx training
Leverage team knowledge for internal trainings
Want training provided rather than seek it out
Cross team opportunities - OD, LLS
Black Belt, Master Black Belt
Seminar opportunities Desired Training Career Path BPM has no career path; "stuck"
Nowhere to go after a Black Belt.
Need different types of positions on BPM team to allow for growth
Need to be able to move up to a new position after several years
What are we working towards? (Constructive feedback)

What does the County offer the individual employee to:
Take skill set to the next level?
Keep the job interesting?
Keep employee with the County? Career Path Team SharePoint Site Good place to find templates & leverage project info (if updated)
Good resource for new employees
Provides means for collaboration Team SharePoint Site Information outdated, do not use (Google better).
Need to clean up site
Difficult to find. OI or IT? Need 3 BPM sites:
External site for customer (Main site)
Internal BPM team (Sub site; Limited access)
Internal IT/partners site to share project info (Sub site; Limited access) Daptiv Daptiv Need simplified project plan
Current template too detailed/tedious
High level tasks only, customize sub-tasks
Need template for non-DMAIC projects
Difficult to change project dates
No purpose for Daptiv time sheets
Project hours are not chargeable
For accountability?
Tie to MyHR
Charge time arbitrarily based on task list
When to charge admin?
How detailed when charging time?
Reports difficult. How to export project plan?
Very manual; auto-fill option?
Share Daptiv with customers or get MS Project Like it (easy) Don't like/use it (difficult) Project plan keeps us on track
Like the formality
Good if invest time to learn functionality Project Updates Double work to update Daptiv & SharePoint weekly
Nobody looks at the updates
Does Gwen check? Managers?

Seems SharePoint site updates are more for management than the customer.
If so, can we simplify the sites/updates? Project Updates iGrafx SharePoint Pros iGrafx Good tool; easy
Simulations easy
Use more colors
Need to setup to print on plotter
Will it tie into Enterprise Modeler & Process Central? Cons Use Visio to match county standard or use iGrafx county-wide
Currently use Visio instead
Extra work for BPM to maintain updated maps
Don't use simulations (we should) Pros SharePoint Cons Document repository
Available county-wide
Able to share documents, assign tasks, workflow, and reconcile documents with teammates
Shows how we have managed the project
Need to update the new site request form (add OI)
County is going to SharePoint so we need to stay current Customers don't use it
Unable to open sites on Apple (meetings)
Can't store confidential information
Cumbersome to use
Can't customize site
Don't use it
Problem if users are not proficient & delete docs
Need a more consistent feel; have one Green Belt manage all sites Misc Technology iPhone/iPad great because don't have to carry laptop
Need iGrafx on these
Windows tablet better (integrates with iGrafx/SharePoint)
Need true data analysis software (Ex: MiniTab, JMP)
Should link to iGrafx
Need methodologies/tools to manage non-DMAIC projects
Waterfall, AGILE Misc Technology Misc Appreciate the investment in technology and flexible work schedules (productive on the go)
Need a county-wide strategic vision for technology
Maintain the OMB partnership
Frustrating when leadership does not implement recommendations
Contractors (City)
Feel isolated because not located with team
Feel need to show more value when services contracted out
Don't have same resources (BA, PM)
City has many formal bodies that require approval Miscellaneous Need a way to display different strengths on team; leverage team knowledge
Team meetings/celebrations = good for team relationships
Like Wednesdays in the office Team Dynamics Team Dynamics It's all good We need improvement Need to be more transparent within the BPM group; share information/training/docs
We need to be team players; share project info that might impact another project
We focus on individual rather than team achievements; highlight some people's projects more than others. Go team! is a high performing team.
does a lot with the resources available.
follows Six Sigma well.
is in high demand.
respects other teams.
Green Belts are very good. Keep it up! BPM... Identify team recommendations for Lou/Charles. Customers feel BPM projects take too long.

Need more time/resources to gather data if needed.
If no data available, put data collection into place and then put project on hold until sufficient data.

Customers have hard time defining measurable project goal. Too much! Not enough Anything required to achieve results is within scope. We deliver integrated results, not a technology solution. Just right Current workload is appropriate. Dedicated Green Belts Floating Green Belts BPM should not do Business Requirements; BA responsible with BPM as support.
Who is responsible for ISR request? What is the process?
If we continue to act as PMs then need to integrate with PM team for consistency.
If PM is not available, do we move forward with project? Roles & Responsibilities BPM Scope BSSA Group Dynamics Emphasize non-technology improvements.
Many current projects involve implementing technology pre-defined by customer. Keep what we have Change it up Templates are good; customize for project.
Need formal reports for project handoffs. Redundant: Reports all provide same info
Customer should only sign one tollgate report Unfamiliar with Tech Reserve Request
Helpful how Lou walked through document as team
What is the RFI process? Don't include process maps in reports
Use simplified & interactive process maps (Ex: CSE) Yay! Great, but... Love it Not a fan Improve it Need BPM resource dedicated to maintaining site
Include: Common templates/tools, best practices, important links, "Good to know tips", team Q & A section, mini news feed, BPM & IT contact numbers (Outlook not accurate), team birthdays, team training dates.
How best to communicate days off? Need a comprehensive project and task management tool
Prezi - Dynamic presentations
Sigma XL - Excel add-on that is not utilized Questions?
Additional thoughts? Project Goal
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