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Chloe Friedman

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Types of Working Dogs 1/3 people report overall better social life

93% said they see their dog as a "valued family member"

70% said they looked to their dog for comfort if they were sad

69% said they were more relaxed
51% worried less about their own health
47% believed that their own health had improved Benefits technology

having a right to welfare only when it may prevent the dog from doing his/her job and put the human in danger

a commodity to breed Some view service animals as... Ainsworth Strange Situation Test The human-service dog relationship Do service animals represent a unique position amongst humans that proves animals are equal to humans?

If they do, is the current treatment of them justified?

If service animals are considered more than an animal/pet, then can this example be used to improve the status of animals? Conclusion Initial Questions How they help Service Animals What is a service animal?

"a service animal is any animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the person with a disability" (ADA) Guide dogs
Hearing dogs
Mobility dogs
seizure alert/response dogs
allergy dogs
autism dogs
Therapy dogs
Emotional support animals Intelligent disobedience
locate a destination
alert when smoke alarm sounds
carry messages between people
fetch wheelchair/crutches
put prescription etc. on counter
assist to remove shoes etc.
call 911
turn on light switches
act as a brace for a partner in wheelchair etc. What role is the animal fulfilling?

Do service animals transcend our preconceived notions and societal beliefs about what an animal is?

If yes, is their current status in society representative of their rightful place in the world? maybe we can get a more accurate glimpse into our biased beliefs about animals' place in the world through looking at this exception. Moral Status Are service animals
moral agents? dog dog dog dog show behavior that resembles human infants and chimpanzees,
therefore, the bond can be characterized as attachment welfare approach use vs. exploitation "1. limit their freedom
2. make life determining decision
3. training
4. social disconnection
5. injury
6. instrumentalization" Tzachi Zamir, The Moral Basis of Animal-Assisted Therapy liberationists believe we... says that...
service dogs appear to take pleasure in interactions with humans
offers a better life for them
fulfills their social needs and mental stimulation service dogs perform moral good
"is a dog morally praiseworthy in itself?"
maybe yes because- one's moral value= moral value of the actions one performs ie. search and rescue dogs
If they are moral agents, they have the right to moral autonomy. Works Cited
Ennik, I., A. Liinamo, E. Leighton, and J. Vanarendonk. "Suitability for Field Service in 4 Breeds of Guide Dogs." Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research 1.2 (2006): 67-74. Print
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