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Shaun White

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Shaun White

Shaun White
Isaiah Jasso

Shaun White
Quotes by Shaun White
Early life
Interesting Facts
White was born in San
Diego, California on
September 3, 1986.
Shaun White nickname is the "Flying Tomato".
White had 2 cardiac
White began skateboarding after his brother Jesse, White took up snowboarding at the age of 6.
White is a two-time gold medalist
8 medals in the winter X games
White has won several
You know the best thing about competition? There's this whole strategy game, and when it all works out its like solving that hard math equation. You finally get the answer and you're so happy.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/s/shaunwhite428461.html#5T5SdwAEGoCf8RK4.99
his mother ordered him to slow down by telling him he could only board backwards, or switch, a skill that would help further his career.
his mother ordered him to slow down by telling him he could only board backwards, or switch. Shaun started entering amateur competitions a year later. After winning almost every snowboarding competition he entered, Shaun White became sponsored by Burton and turned pro when he was just 13.
Shaun grew up in a family of five: Mom (Cathy), Dad (Roger), Sister (Kari) and Brother (Jesse).
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