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FireFly & Felt E-Textile Workshop

A short introduction to Arduino & E-textiles.

Laurel Bot

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of FireFly & Felt E-Textile Workshop

fireFly & Felt
E-Textile Workshop

• Do you need a degree in electrical engineering to tinker?
• Fun and engaging for
students of all ages.
image: eTextile Lounge
So what's an
Simply put,
it's the integration of electronics into textiles
CuteCircuit founded in 2004 in London
Haute Couture + Electronics
Pink&Black Collection 2013
image: arduino.cc
The Lilypad pictured above is a flat microcontroller board designed by Leah Buechley specifically for integrating into textiles.
For more advanced projects, Arduino comes with it’s own open source integrated development environment (IDE) that allows the novice coder to jump into projects quickly. There are many simple examples that allow a beginner to get started right away.
FireFly by Acrobotic
For today's workshop, we will use this adorable board...
The fireFly board is
with 4 different light patterns: blink, flash, fade or heartbeat.
Image: Leah Buechley
Turn Signal Biking Jacket by Leah Buechley
A music playing body suit which can sense your movement...
Hey you're an artist–
this is your "sketch"!

Inspired by Leah, I made one too.
With a flex sensor as the switch.
Using nothing but hand gestures, Imogen Heap is able to amplify, record, and loop acoustic instruments and her voice, play virtual instruments and manipulate these sounds live.
MI.MU GLOVES: mimu.org.uk/
Original plush monster prototype!
Everything you need to jump
into e-textiles today...
Acrobotic fireFly kit!
by Laurel Bybee

How does
this work?
A tiny computer designed to be easy to program and work with a wide range of devices.
"They're *in* the computer?"
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