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Early Humans

Chapter 1 Section 1

Mr. Shank

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of Early Humans

Early Humans
How do we know anything about early humans?
Artifacts- are human made objects.
Culture- or unique way of life.
What does culture look like?
Famous archaeologists Louis and Mary Leakey
Donald Johnson
Lucy is 3.5 million years old. The oldest living hominid is Ardi at about 6 million years ago.
Lucy could walk on two feet. (biped) Why is this important?
They discovered footprints that formed in volcanic ash.
The Leakeys found out that they walked upright. These early humans were known as hominids.
0 AD
3000 B.C.E
8000 B.C.E
2.5 million B.C.E
Paleolithic Age
Neolithic Age
How do we make our lives better?
Technology- ways of applying knowledge, tools,
and inventions to meet their needs.
What is another term for human?
Homo Sapiens
Hunter Gatherers
Constructed between 3000 BC and 2400 BC
During the end of the Neolithic Age and start of the Bronze Age.
Aleppo founded around 5000 BC
Neolithic site
Neolithic site founded around 9400 BC
Founded around 7500 BC
Current dig site
Two methods which determine the age of artifacts are:
Radio-Carbon Dating.
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