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Single & Miserable

Too many people associate being single with being miserable but that is a false conclusion. Here's why...

Osayi E L

on 4 December 2010

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Transcript of Single & Miserable

Single & Miserable Everyone has an Aunty SO & SO Who is at least 65 years OLD, never got married and always looks miserable. want to be that MISERABLE We tell ourselves I NEVER So our solution is
GET MARRIED!!! bUt ThIS aN iLLogICaL cONcLuSioN "MISERABLE" is the only word we should be concerned about! Not "SINGLE" There are many people that are:
married and miserable
rich and miserable
poor and miserable...
So being single cannot be the cause! People who choose to be miserable will always be miserable regardless of the circumstances they are in... it all boils down to: What kind of Person do you want to be??? Why be Miserable? When there is so much in life to do and enjoy If you're single why not enjoy it! Forget being Just be Fantastically Single HELLLO! PEOPLE!!! Marriage = Happy want to be that miserable / not necessarily By Osayi
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