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NJ 350th Marketing/Media

No description

Jeffrey Buehler

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of NJ 350th Marketing/Media

Specific Strategy & Tactical Ideas NJ's 350th Marketing Everything - EVERYTHING -
All New, Virtual, Print, Broadcast, & Radio Media (whether formal or informal)
- must drive traffic to the Hub 350th Web Hub EXTERNAL
1) Events, Attendees, PR, Image Enhancement
2) Local and State Economic Benefit
1) Civic Excitement & Pride
2) Education & Interest in NJ 4x Bottome Line/ROI to be most effective, we need to prioritize the audiences, i.e. do clear market segmentation. For Whom? NJ's 350th needs to feel like a celebration,
not a series of projects,
both within the Team and to the public! Bottom Line:
PS: The State Seal is wonderful, but... we should not limit ourselves to using
any aspect of it
from a branding standpoint. STRATEGIC THOUGHTS Specific Strategy & Tactical Ideas NJ's 350th Marketing Everything - EVERYTHING -
All New, Virtual, Print, Broadcast, & Radio Media
- also goes out from the Hub, connecting to actual live and virtual experiences 350th Web Hub, pt. 2 Ensure that there is a 350th-branded event of some kind in NJ for have 350 days during the year. OR: a total of 350 events! Events may be larger or smaller, academic, pure fun or somewhere in between. Full Year-Long
Statewide Programming: 1) Create a robust online calendar of events to drive interested parties to each day’s event, which would also be highlighted individually every day on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.
2) Tied to the calendar, have an interactive event map for participants' “journey into NJ’s past, present and future”
3) Calendar: Both date and geography Event Promotion In MSNJ communities:
Pop-up (temporary) “350th” store selling branded merchandise
Sell books/other materials created promotion of the 350th
Stores located in in NJ's historic downtown districts
Pro-bono/minimal cost for 10-day period starting January 1, 2014
Locals would promote it thoroughly, as would the State.
Rotated all over the state every two weeks to 26 selected MSNJ communities.... Pop-Up 350th Store New Media Engagement NJ's 350th needs to feel like a celebration,
not a series of projects,
both within the Team and to the public! Bottom Line: MSNJ Communities could likely cover 100 of those events in 2011 they did over 124 special events throughout the year... TACTICAL IDEAS Branding and logo design work cannot be done by committee or focus group.

We need professional implementation.
And that does not have to cost as much as many think,
if coordinated as a package. Logos and Branding As part of the total year-long program, have 1 officially-branded main “signature” event each month. These would be geographically shared across NJ of course.
12 signature events
24 first tier events
64 second tier events
250 micro-events The Math Audience Markets Is it current NJ residents?
Is it statewide media (of all types?)
National media?
Is it school children and other students?
Is it corporations? EXTERNAL: Measurable Metrics, e.g. media impressions, attendance, sign-ups, click-throughs, responses to calls-for-action, # of businesses that call BAC because they liked the positive media exposure. INTERNAL: Good feelings, excited kids, sense of possibility (and recovery) for NJ. New Media “350ize Yourself” App/Website: “See yourself in our/NJ’s history!” Enable users (mobile and other) to literally put their face into a variety of digital vignettes spanning the 350 years of our history/culture, etc. These could be static images with editable caption or dialogue options (e.g. on the rowboat with George Washington, in the lab with Edison, getting hugged by the current governor.) They could also be short digitally-animated scenes. In both cases they need to be fun! Either way, users should be enabled to share the resultant content freely via all social media platforms and YouTube as relevant. This will take little to promote after we unleash it – users will organically grow its use in NJ and globally. We could even have a contest for the top ones by the end of the year, as an additional incentive. Each segment of this toolkit would have links back to a) the actual history and b) all relevant events during the year (the 350) to drive interest and traffic to each. It would be a limited-time stint which will create interest, media and demand for what is being sold and the 350th in general.

Having an iconic item on display (say a 350th shirt signed by Springsteen and/or a noted current public official or private personality behind the counter for 15 minutes) as a specific draw would make it that much more of an attraction.
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