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Beyond Awareness Social Marketing Examples

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Melissa Blair

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Beyond Awareness Social Marketing Examples

Overcoming Barriers
Clear Purpose and Focus
Pigs for Peace
Target Audience: American, middle-class
The price is low and the ask is easy
Now in its 5th year, the Tap Project has raised nearly $3 million for UNICEF water and sanitation programs, providing millions of children clean, safe water
UNICEF Tap Water Project
Target Audience: Consumers and Distributing stores
Bone marrow registry viewed as difficult and time consuming process
Mutual benefits - profit and purpose meld
The number of marrow donor registrations has tripled
Help Bandages
Setting the right price
Increase Benefits
Target Audience (Upstream): Restaurant Managers and Chefs
Restaurant Concerns:
– How do we get the food to you?
– Can we select the agency closest to us?
– What is our liability?
In April 2005, estimated that an additional 5,181 tons of food was recovered
The avoided disposal cost of this food was $647,650 and the dollar value to food banks of the additional recovered food was $17,305,208
Target Audience: Socially isolated women in DRC
Focus: "Loan" of a pig to provide income
Piglets sold at $20 - $40 to pay for:
School, clothing, medicine, home and business
Fork It Over
Cancer Screening
Environmental Advocacy
Well Water Testing
Flu Shot Uptake
Faith Based Change
Safe Driving
Membership Rates
of attendees indicated that the material presented was either relevant or to their work.
very relevant
attendees rated the overall workshop at least a
"The templates are great!
Fantastic tips and tricks!"
"I would definitely take this as a two-day workshop!"
Constructive Feedback:
Pace, Venue, Amount of Material and Interaction
Information that was most valued:
Strategy before tactics
Low hanging fruit
Marketing research
Case studies

Topics for future workshops:
Succession planning
Social media
Logic model
Objective and outcomes

"Having more time or breaking the workshop into more sessions would be helpful."
Social Marketing Examples
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