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Rhodora Technology: Entrepreneurship Academy

No description

Brianna Dzuricsko

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Rhodora Technology: Entrepreneurship Academy

What We Do
Brianna Dzuricsko, CAO
Michael Bonnett, CFO
Jessica Trowbridge, CWO
Nick Rainey, CMO
Our Mission
"To provide the gift of business simplicity through technology applications and advancements."
Create a quality, user-friendly product.

Focus on the completion of an app for one business at a time.

Provide exceptional customer service by working one on one with the business owner.

No idea is impossible to create.

Who We Are
Our Values
CFO was here
Target Market
Where You Can Find Us
Sneak Peek of our App!
Small Businesses located in and around Mercer County
who want to....

Reach out to their customers through technology

Promote the purchasing, ordering or scheduling
aspects of the business

Example: Scheduling of Tanning Beds in a Salon
We create applications to help small businesses expand by solving any problem in daily operations
The Training and Workforce Development Center at LindenPointe

Rhodora Technology
Apple App Store $99.00
Google Play Store $25.00
15% Upfront Charge

Per Month Payment Options
(16, 20 or 24 months)

Variable Costs
Time Spent on App $ x
Development Costs $ y

Monthly Plan
+ $124
Price =
Our pricing strategy is based on a per month system that will makes it affordable enough for the business owner and profitable enough to sustain steady growth for ourselves.
Operating Costs
Facility and Basic Utilities
Phone Line
App Development Software
Office Hardware & Supplies
Misc Essentials
The Operating Cost for a small app development company are not substantial due to the fact that we do not require a large workspace or a large amount of materials to effectively operate.
Monthly Operating
Costs Overview
Future Plans
Our current aspiration as a business is to move to Pittsburgh and establish ourselves.

Provide the opportunity for every small business to market themselves through a mobile application.

Have multiple facilities across the country in strategic, small business friendly areas.

Sales Forecast
"Blossoming your Business"
Without funding our company will only be at a loss for the first 3 months, but will break even in mid April if we officially opened in January 2016.

As a small business we do not have an excess amount of money to spend on advertising.

To combat this we have not focused on paid advertisements as much as free advertisements.

Will offer a discount on customers who had a referral from another small business owner and the small business owner who referred the customer.
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