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Pokemon Prezi

No description

Gabriel Kopp

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Pokemon Prezi

The Adventure There have been 21 official Pokemon games
released for hand-held devices, with 2-3
variations of each generation of Pokemon.
A generation is a group of a few hundred
Pokemon released in the new games. So far
there have been 5 generations of Pokemon and
Pokemon games made, and recently, a sixth generation of Pokemon has been announced. What is (a) Pokemon? The name "Pokemon" has two meanings. The first is "the monster-based franchised that is currently owned by Nintendo." This definition refers to the franchise and games themselves, and not the actual creatures known as Pokemon. The People of Pokemon There are many people (or groups of people) encountered in the Pokemon worlds. Battle Mechanics The core of all Pokemon games is the Pokemon Battles themeselves. In a Pokemon battle, you and another Pokemon Trainer choose one Pokemon out of the six you can carry with you to battle against each other. Your Pokemon emerges from the Pokeball, and the battle begins. Each Trainer chooses a one move out of the four a Pokemon can know and uses it. There are three different types of moves: Special Moves, Physical Moves and Status Moves (See "Other Significant Notes").The point of every battle is to make your opponent's HP (Health Points) drop to zero. When a Pokemon's HP drops to zero, the Pokemon "faints" and can no longer be used in that battle. The battle ends when either all of your Pokemon or the opposing Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon faint. The winner collects a certain amount of money ( Pokedollars) with wich he/she can buy items at the Pokemart. (See "Items and their Uses") When your Pokemon defeats another, it gains a certain amount of EXP (Experience). When the Pokemon's EXP bar is full, it gains a level. Gaining a level means that the Pokemon's stats are increased and it may learn a new move. (See "Battle Mechanics Continued). Pokemon Battles are the key to making your
Pokemon more powerful and are the bread and butter of any game. Battle Mechanics Continued As mentioned before, each Pokemon is assigned one or two types, according to their looks and abilities. The most well-known Pokemon of all, Pikachu, ( )is an Electric type. A Pokemon's type determines the moves a pokemon learns, as well as how powerful its attacks are in battle. For instance, if a Pokemon uses a Fire-type move on a Grass Pokemon, it will do double the damge, because Fire burns Grass. These kinds of comparisons are used throughout the seventeen types: Electric is good against
Water, Ground is good against Fire, etc.
When a type does double damage to a
Pokemon, the caption "It's super effective"
will appear on the text box in a battle. Also,
Pokemon of different types are not restricted
to one type of moves. Most learn many diffe-
rent types as they level up. Items and their Uses A Prezi Pokemon A Pokemon is a creature that can be caught with a Pokeball, a capsule designed to capture and contain a Pokemon. All Pokemon are assigned either one or two of the seventeen "types" that describe them, such as "Fire" or "Rock". Most every Pokemon evolves, or transforms into another advanced Pokemon once it grows enough in power and reaches a certain level, though some may require certain conditions to evolve, such as using a certain evolutionary stone, an item that triggers the evolution. Level 26 Leaf Stone In every Pokemon game, you can choose to be either a boy or a girl, and you begin your
adventure with one "starter"
Pokemon, of either the "Grass", "Fire", or "Water" type. The game play, Pokemon, and gym leaders vary with each generation, as well as the name of the region. Ex. "Kanto" "Sinnoh" Gym leaders are elite Pokemon trainers that lead
a Gym, one of which appears in each major city in the region. Beside the Gym leaders, there are many other trainers in the gym, as well as many traps and dead ends one must go through To get to the Gym leader. In the game, one must usually defeat the Gym leader and receive the Trainer Badge (a token of your victory) to progress. All Pokemon learn different "moves" as they grow stronger. Moves are used in a Pokemon battle, in which Pokemon trainers pit their Pokemon against the other's. A move can do anything from simply hurt a
Pokemon to change the effect of all moves in a battle, and each are assigned a type, just like the Pokemon. Other Significant Notes There are many different "Items" appearing in the Pokemon worlds.
Each Item is unique, each with a different effect. Items are contained within your hero's Bag, and there are separate pockets for each type of item. For example, a Potion, which heals 20 HP, is stored in the medicine pocket. Yet the Bicycle, which is used to get around more speedily, goes into the "Key Items" pocket. There are many other Items, such as Pokeballs, Repels, and TMs. TMs, also known as Technical Machines, are Items that teach your Pokemon a new move without it having to level up. Items can be used to keep Pokemon away (See "Other Significant Notes"), to give your Pokemon a boost in battle, or to do
things such as double your winnings after a battle. Many
Items can be bought at a Pokemart, a shop chock full
of useful Items for your adventure, and cost a
certain amount of money. There can also be many
variations of an Item. For instance, a Potion can
restore 20 HP and costs 200, but a Super Potion,
costing 500, restores 50 HP. There are dozens of other features that could be discussed in this Prezi, but it would take many more slides to thoroughly explain. There is, however, space enough to touch on some Other Significant Notes:

THE POKEMON CENTER: A Pokemon Center is a Trainer's best friend.
After a Pokemon battle (See "Battle Mechanics"), your Pokemon are bound to be wounded or fainted. A Pokemon Center will restore your Pokemon to full health at no cost. There are also many people and places that may be of use.

THE POKEDEX: Near the beginning of the adventure, you receive a Pokedex from the Professor (See " Notable Persons"). A Pokedex is a hand-held recording device use to gather data on hundreds of Pokemon.When you capture a Pokemon, the Pokedex automatically records the Pokemon's data and stores it.

STATUS CONDITIONS: Some moves can be used to inflict "Status Conditions" on the opponents Pokemon. The Status Conditions are Burn, Paralyze, Freeze,
Poison, and Sleep. Each are unique and all are crippling. For example, The Sleep Condition makes the Pokemon unable to use any moves until its awakening. If the Pokemon has a status, a symbol will appear next to its HP. THE PROFESSORS: At the beginning of each game, you receive your first Pokemon from a Pokemon Professor.
The Professor evaluates your Pokedex and may even help you along your journey at unexpected moments. Professor Oak Professor Elm Professor Birch Professor Rowan Professor Juniper THE ELITE FOUR: One of the goals of each game,
along with filling the Pokedex, is to defeat the Elite
Four. After defeating all eight Gym Leaders (See "The
Adventure"), you may travel to the Pokemon League to
take on The Elite Four. As the name suggests, the Elite four is a group consisting of four elite Pokemon Trainers with teams specific to one type. After you defeat the Four, you must face the Champion: the most
powerful Trainer in the game. If you triumph over the
five trainers, you become the Champion yourself and you and your Pokemon are recorded in the Hall of Fame. However, there are still many things to do after. And, of course, there is your Rival.
Your Rival is competing with you
on your way to fill the Pokedex
and become Pokemon Champion.
You battle your rival many times
throughout the game and even
occasionally team up with him.
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