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Evaluating Achievement

Classroom decision making & using assessment

DRjason Ampel

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Evaluating Achievement

What To Teach...
How To Teach It...
How To Evaluate Achievement...

Assessing Student Learning
& Standardized Tests
What kinds of assessments have you encountered throughout your schooling career?
Let's look at how assessments influence educational decisions
in the classroom.....

1/3 TO 1/2 of your time on assessment "related" activities...
Before You Begin Teaching...

1. What content do I need to cover?
2. What are my student abilities?
3. What assessment methods are appropriate for my group?
4. What learning activities are best suited for them?
5. What learning targets do I want my students to achieve?
6. How should I organize/arrange students in the classroom?
Before, During & After...
Decisions AFTER Teaching

1. Achieving short-term & long-term goals?
2. What strengths & weaknesses do I report to each child and parent/guardian?
3. What grade should I give each student? Your system...
4. How effectively did I teach the content?
5. How effective was the curriculum & materials I used?
Buddy Up!...write down a brief paragraph describing the difference between an assessment, test, measurement & evaluation.
: Obtaining information for making educational decisions
: Instrument/procedure for observing & describing characteristics of a student with a numerical scale OR classification

: Assigning scores to a specific attribute of a person that describe the degree to which he/she possess such attribute.
: Making value judgements about the worth of a students performance. This is NOT only done using tests. You can use checklists and observations as well.
Let's Take A Look Around The World...
Do you think its possible to create a test that students can take world-wide, which could ultimately measure if students are actually learning what is needed to be a productive global citizen?
Let's look outside of the box....
So....what does this ALL mean?
Under the NCLB Act, the goal is for 100% of the students in each public school to be proficient on the state's content by 2014.
How is student learning evaluated?
Formative Vs. Summative Evaluations
Norm Referenced Vs. Criterion-referenced Evaluations
What kind were mentioned in text?
What is the difference between Authentic & Performance Assessments?
I have a few questions about
Standardized Tests & Accountability?
Do you think we are doing it the right way?
Is our current educational system working to help students, or are we working against students?
What is the definition of a "standardized test?"
If intelligence is defined as the "general aptitude for school learning," what is the difference between an aptitude test & a achievement test?
Can you explain:
Test Validity?
Test Reliability?
Test Bias?
Can we hold teachers accountable
for their own students scores?
In retrospect.......
Do you think you learned much in your K-12 experience? What about just high school?
Is this good/bad?
What do you think of the concept of "performance pay" for teachers?
Next Week.....
Semester Review
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