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No description

chloe Calabro

on 22 February 2016

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born on april 25, 1917
died on june 15 1996
mother Tempie and father William
divorced parents
money was really rough
in 1932 her mother passed of a car accident and and shortly after her father passed of a heart attack
she was on her own at age 15
was a troubled child
went to a reform school

ellas childhood
beginning to be heard
how she began her career
she was entering into the great depression
in 1934 she would put her name in a picking for an ameatuer night at the Apollo theatre she got in one night and everything went from there
when she first went to preform she went to dance but then quickly changed her mind to sing
then she began to preform at a very popular spot called the Harlems Savoy Ballroom

1920's mini reasearch project
after preforming at the ballroom more and more people and record lables began to want her
she signed
went on tour for many years
she went on tour for the majority of her life
even though her being african american and people not liking her for it for sure brought her down but she didnt let it stand in her way
won over 13 grammy awards and sold over 40 million albums
american jazz singer
1st record was called "love and kiss"
in 1986 she was diagnosed with diabetes and had coronary bypass surgery and also had one of her heart valves replaced. In june of 1996 Ela passed away in her beverly hills home.
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