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Coastal Sand Plains

Eco-regions of Texas

taylor hall

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Coastal Sand Plains

Coastal Sand Plains Characteristics of land Deposition Depostion Weathering Rainfall and flooding cause alot of the depostion.
The coastal sand plains get alot of ran because it is by the coast, and of course the coast sometimes has hurricans and tsumnai's. Erosion Ecoregions of Texas There is grasslands, coastal oak, motts, granjelo, salt marshes, and MANY more plants and amimals. By: Taylor Hall (erosion) The coastal plains recive many inches of rain each year. It also has very cold winters and hot summers. So the coastal sand plains have 3 main ways of weathering, that is air, wind and water. The erosion in the coastal sand plains is usually just wind, and rarely waves because or the rare flooding or running water. Deposion
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