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How do the Sun, Earth and Moon relate to each other ?

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fabrice debart

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of How do the Sun, Earth and Moon relate to each other ?

The Sun, the Earth and the Moon
They are locked together in stable orbits due to gravity.

Gravity is like an invisible force. It is responsible for the Earth to orbit the Sun and for the Moon to orbit the Earth.

Sun: Earth's star
Earth: Sun's planet
Moon: Earth's satellite
The Earth
It orbits the Sun like the other 8 planets.

Both Sun and Earth attract each other with a force of gravitational attraction (gravity).

The Earth takes 365 days to orbit the Sun.
The Moon takes 27.32 days to orbit the Earth.
The Sun
The Sun is one of the 300 billion stars of the Milky Way galaxy.

If the Sun was missing:
1. there would be no life on Earth.
2. The Earth would be like a ball of ice.
3. Planets would all fly off into space (no gravity attraction).

The sun and the whole of our solar system orbit the middle of the Milky way galaxy.
The Moon
The Moon is the only Earth's satellite. It always shows the same face to the Earth.

The Moon reflects the Sun's light and that's why it appears bright at night.

If the Moon was missing:
1. The rise and fall of sea levels (tides) will be disrupted.
2. The Earth would probably lean over on its side and there would be no season.
3. The temperatures on Earth would go to the extreme.
4. The days on Earth will be shorted.
How do the Sun, Earth and Moon relate to each other ?
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