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CRE101 - Ten Little Indians

Firsstv presentation: Trevor, Cody, Valerie

Valerie Linares

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of CRE101 - Ten Little Indians

Ten Little Indians
"Lawyers League"
"Can I Get a Witness"
Can I Get a Witness
* She's not crazy, but she is on the verge of a mental breakdown.
* I did not like her not taking personal responsibility for her life
Lawyers League
* Richard is a coward and a hypocrite.
* If he could punch racism in the face by hitting a racist guy, He could also hit racism in the face by exploring a possible interracial relationship
* Decisions based on public opinion shows a lack of integrity.
Can I Get A Witness
She's not a crazy woman
Helpless; hates her life but will not help herself better it
Just waiting for a tragedy to escape though
Not afraid to say what others think
Lawyers League
Logical thought
Afraid interracial would ruin career as politician
True, yet wrong. People would not like it, yet it would show he stands for diversity
Loose cannon when verbally attacked, terrible for a politician, but seen today
Can I get a witness?
The woman is not crazy, but drunk on depression.
Wants her life to change nut is unwilling to help herself.
Wishes something would happen to where she could start over.
Way for Sherman to express his views through text.

lawyers League
Hypocritical man that over thinks way to much.
Lets what people say to him bother him to the point of violence.
Worries that a mixed race relationship could ruin his political career.
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