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Triage in Disasters

Presentation on utilizing mass triage in a disaster setting

Gabe Kearney

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Triage in Disasters

James Salvante
Emergency Medical Services Coordinator Sorting through the masses Bio James Salvante Describe the key elements of disaster triage
Understand the basic principles of Mass Casualty Triage (START) Objectives Any time an event exceeds or overwhelms the available resources

Need > Resources When is disaster triage needed? Tags What does this look like? START Triage
A method of quickly identifying victims who have immediately life-threatening injuries AND who have the best chance of surviving. Triage? - EMS Coordinator, Coastal Valleys EMS Agency since 2007
- Paramedic , Field Supervisor, Operations Manager AMR-San Francisco 1992-2007 - Background
- Classification - Will need definitive care
- May be unable to walk
- Able to follow simple commands Delayed (Yellow) Immediate (Red) - Does not move
- Need surgical or life saving interventions
- May die without intervention - Alert & Oriented
- Minor Injuries
- Abrasions, Contusions & Lacerations Walking Wounded (Green) Is Triage part of the Incident Command System? - Do not move
- Treat with dignity
- Comfort measures only Dead (Black) Practice Questions & Discussion (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment) Yes!
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