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Quality for Life explains: How to Play the UAE National Games

A step by step demonstration of how to select a game, read its description, register, pay and email us for details.

Quality for Life

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Quality for Life explains: How to Play the UAE National Games

Game Categories Team Based Games

Special Needs Games

Art Exhibits
Environmental Awareness
Individual Competitions
Team Competitions

Family Fun (Including Traditional Game)

Project Marathons (Expert Only) Select a Game category

Click on a game

Read its description

Click on "Register"

Pay for the game Game Categories Games Sign up on the website with your email address

Search from over 60 games

You can register for as many games as you like.

You will receive your Game Schedule through email
Register with friends for teams.

Family Games are on special offer!

Win attractive prizes!!! Read Game Description Read game descriptions carefully
Watch out for:
* Game Price
* Age Limit
* Background Requirement
* Preparation time
* Judging Criteria

Email us or send us a message at Contact Us Page for support and questions. Register and Pay for Game When you click on "Register" the game will be added to your cart.
Make sure to pay for the Entry Ticket.
You can pay through PayPal using any credit card.
Print your receipt and bring it with you on the day of games. How to play the games? UAE National Games FAMILY FUN AND PROJECT MARATHONS COMPETITIONS TEAM BASED GAMES HOW TO PLAY? SPECIAL NEEDS GAMES Art Exhibitions Family Fun Games click on game titles special offer on all family games! Project Marathons to view game descriptions click on game titles to view game descriptions Experts Only!
Please email us info@quality4life.ae Competitions Individual Teams All ages are welcome!
Each game sessions has similar age groups Entry restrictions for ages and experience-background apply! to view game descriptions click on game titles click on game titles Creativity and Innovation Environmental Awareness no one is left behind... Traditional games for all Go Team UAE! click on game titles and view game descriptions Revisit traditional UAE Games like Al Boom, Al Arees, A Laqfa... Click on each game and read its description Choose from a variety of art exhibit titles and email us at info@quality4life.ae. You will have maximum 6 months to complete and submit in November. UAE National Games choose as many as you like! www.uaenationalgames.com
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