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Dietrich School District Construction Bond

No description

Benjamin Hardcastle

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Dietrich School District Construction Bond

Facility Planning 2014-2016
Committee work began in 2014 to assess the needs for the school based on current building.
Our Building turned 80 years old last year:
The building has served the community very well for nearly a century. A lot of love and attention have gone into keeping this nice for this long. Some ongoing problems...
Moisture in the downstairs classrooms:
Spring Peeper Frogs
Water in the records storage room
80 year old plumbing, boiler pipes, and wiring
As we build something new...we can commemorate the past and the historic building...
Vocational Agriculture Space
Mr. Peterson's auto-body repair program will allow students to earn certification as auto-body technicians,
the shop is very crowded to allow enough space for more than 10 students to work at one time.

Multipurpose/Gymnasium Space for elementary and middle school to use.
Indoor recess for cold weather days
Elementary Space for P.E. and classroom activities
Extra gymnasium space for teams to practice
Gym space for hosting events
Space that community members could reserve for gatherings
Preliminary Plans :
1.A. Elementary Space/Heating and Air
1.B. Ag Classroom and Shop Space
1.C. Multipurpose Space (possibly small gym)
Dietrich School Construction: Phase II
Lets add to what we built in 2005
New Boiler System: our boiler was a used boiler when it was installed when the building was built in 1935!
Classroom sizes for the elementary space are very small
Salvage bricks from the old schoolhouse and use them for a display in the new building.
Addressing our Needs :
Demolition of old portion of the school with new construction being built in place
New boiler system
Integrated air handling system and heat system throughout the entire building.
The new section built so that the elementary space is new and comparable to the high school classroom spaces.
Supporting Documents from the engineers:
Current High School Section
Priority #1A
South Facing 2 story
Elementary Space.
Natural Light
Larger Class Sizes
Proper Exits
Priority #1B Ag Class and Shop
Used for classroom space during construction
Priority #1.C.
Finishing Gym
The Bond:
There is a great chance that the steel structure for the elementary side will be donated.

Voting is Tuesday, May 17th
Requires 67% positive vote in order to pass.
The Bond:
Expiring Bond
Our Bond Levy for the High School is paid off this year.
Our average taxes paid over the past 3 years for the expiring bond: 3 Year Average $105,532

Proposed Bond Levy:
Net Estimated Annual Payment Payment $103,688
Bond Rates are at an almost all time low!

Perk: There is a donor wanting to donate the steel building for the elementary school space and gym shell

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