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A Breif history of game consoles

jonathon carlos

on 14 December 2009

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Transcript of TDU

Has entertainment become violent with new technology Gamer rage Gamer rage is a state of mind were the person becomes so competitive that it turns into anger and he takes it out on anything. old consoles old gaming was a very small
world compared to the newer
more upbeat world of gaming. new consoles now gameing has evolved into a dog eat dog world of people who use their experiance to defeat new players. T.V very old films and programs you may not believe this but films were once made in black and white. this was the time when wild westerns ruled the film industry.
with stars like clint eastwood and john wayne. films not so long ago people were in need of a lot of comedy to release pressure from their work and problems like the great depression. films now along with new technologies we have a lot of problems. now there is great special effects but the needs of people have became very violent. films now have a lot of blood and guts
and death this is encourageing people to imitate these actions. films were not as amazing as films with new tech.
because the cameras and effects were mnot as
advanced. this then meant that they couldnt take
it in colour or take good shots of the characters. GAMES game consoles arent for kids? but who stops kids from watching these films? how many people have a console? how many people have a game above their age limit? the only person stoppping kids from playing these games are the parents but are they to blame? there are few child appropriate games on the shelves. on our survey 1in every 2 gamers play under aged games and their parents allow it? THE ANSWER when looking at all the facts all the statistics every ounce of info we decided that not only had gaming has become dangerous but has bec we decided that gaming has become an idea that has changed the world but now we have posed a new question has it changed the world for better or for worse? we believe that the gaming industry has became too violent and that they should be stricter on what games they release and who to we believe gaming has changed the world but now we have posed a new question "for better or for worse?" but thats for another day THE END Jack. Rumney d-_-b Jonny. Cross d-_-b Zack. Smith d-_-b By TADAAAAAAAAAAA J.R WUZ HERE
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