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DI Application - R Bechtold

Memorial High School

Rebecca Bechtold

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of DI Application - R Bechtold

years Cities and Crops
Destroyed Thousand
died Economic
Losses King Philip II
comes to power
in Macedonia Student Achievement 2011 NCEA Higher Performing School AP Scholars State qualifiers for various clubs and organizations ELA/ Reading

RECOGNIZED Social Studies



ACADEMICALLY ACCEPTABLE Gold Performance Acknowledgement:

Advanced Courses
College Readiness
Soc Studies Commended Performance Student improvement is noted from 2010 to 2011 in ALL testing areas Increases in most scores for 10th grade from 2011 - 2012 Met AYP! College and Career Readiness Attendance Rate

93.9% Drop Out

3.9% Completion Rate

76.5% Completion rate for students in Special Education and those who are Limited English Proficient must be addressed College and Career Readiness Standards must be integrated in lessons in all content areas Intentional planning and questioning must take place with a focus on how the content will be modified to ensure understanding with our most at - risk populations Professional Learning Communities Build teacher leaders
Decision Making
Team Processes
Leadership Styles
Team Norms Effective training in conflict resolution

Identify conflict styles
Conflict management techniques
Effective communication Effective ways to deal with resistance Strategies to manage change and incorporating our Mustang vision Intentional planning takes place in effective meetings Team Planning Effective vs. ineffective meetings Meeting agendas and protocols Department meetings Horizontal Team Meetings Target Populations Differentiated Instruction
Need to know students
Flexible regrouping
Constant assessment and feedback
Horizontal planning Curriculum Planning Day
Content team planning
No distractions Critical Vocabulary HEAT Questions
Intentional Planning
Team consensus
HOTS Essential Questions Reflect on instruction and performance lesson plans C-Scope Align and review assessment Academic adjustments Attendance Log E-mail Truancy Officer Migrant Resources Enlist the help of their counselor Call parents Remember:

We are a TEAM
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