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NuFloors Sherwood Park

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of NuFloors Sherwood Park

pages of content consumed each year
local consumers
every month
In Summary
+ Frequency
+ Message
Market Share
Annual Plan
Creative Message
-Henry Ford
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
It's all about the audience and...
YOU in the spotlight

546 x 30 second commercials airing over 7 days for 52 weeks*.

PLUS as one of the 45 clients in the program...
546 x 30 second commercials for being one of the first 45 clients in the program
Your own client needs analysis with Golden West's AdWorks department to help ensure your commercials & campaign is designed to meet your Measurement of Success (MoS)
A 25% dicount off our regularly priced commercials for any of your event advertising throughout the year (Christmas, anniversaries, Black Friday, etc.)


Big Box 1 - Homepage (1 of 4 Rotation)
$394/month ($98.50/weekly)

News Big Box 1 - Local News Page (1 of 4 Rotation)
$341/month ($85.25/weekly)

Home Page Leaderboard
Included as part of the Brand Awareness Program


Premium Business Listing

Highlighted classfied ad with Business Logo, link to your website and
bumped to the top of the category
= Monthly investment of $25/month (Yearly investment of $300)

Leaderboard Position
+ Home Page: Positioned just under the breaking news
= Monthly Investment of $300 (Total 6 Month Investment = $1,800)

+ Weather Page: banner positioned just under the Weather forecast
= Monthly Investment of $275 (Total 6 Month Investment = $1,650)

V1: (UPBEAT ANCR) Experience, skills, and passion. You need someone who wants to sell your home as much as you do. Linda Getzlaf has the motivation and desire to sell your home. She’s completely independent, there’s no-one else and that’s a big reason why she’s number one for residential sales in the Morinville Area. Weather you’re looking to buy or sell, Linda is ready.
V2: (CLIENT) Hi, I’m Linda Getzlaf. Buying or selling in the Morinville, St. Albert, Edmonton, or Fort Saskatchewan area? Wherever you are, I’ll GETZ you moving!


in Fort Sask
You've worked hard to grow your real estate business by yourself. Time to let people know!
Advertising is important! You’re very visible in a variety of mediums; newspapers, billboards, magnets, flyers, Facebook, etc.
You sell properties across the Heartland and Capital region, and have customers that rely on traditional media to get their information.

You would like to use advertising to promote your brand and properties in a timely, consistent and frequent fashion.

Welcome, Linda and Danny Getzlaf!
Facts about Advertising
What was discussed so far?
There is a lot of local selection when it comes to realtors; create a preference with your future clients by building your brand and “top of mind” awareness through consistent and frequent advertising.

Stay visible in the market, and introduce yourself to potential customers

Promote your skills and services to the Heartland and Capital Region; "Why you?"

Stay "top of mind" with homeowners in the Heartland and Capital region through frequent and consistent advertising

Build your brand beyond the reach of other mediums
*Paid commercials air on our Guaranteed Audience Plan over 7 days from 6am-Midnight (25% AAA (6am-9am), 50% AA (9am-4pm), 25% A (6pm-Midnight)
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