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The Migration of the Israelite to Canaan

This is made in my account but helped by my gruop mates,Stephanie and Hyunki Stephanie. :)

Alin Bianca

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Migration of the Israelite to Canaan

Migration of Israelite from Egypt When did the migration happen?

The migration happens in the BC's in Jacob times
It happens in the Pharaoh time when Slavery in Egypt
It happens in the 38 BCs
It happens when Egypt's King, Pharaoh, ruled.
Happens before Jesus' birth How did the Migration Influence the Community and Individuals?
It influences Pharaoh individual
It influences other Egyptians on their work
It influences God and Moses by their Wickedness.
It influences their personality about how they trust in God. Where did the journey took place? Challenges What Challenges did they face?
The Soldiers of Egypt were still chasing the Israelite
Some of the Israelite were killed by the Egyptians
The Israelite faced famine near Canaan

The Israelites faced when they were in Canaan they were wicked
Their life is not long because they didn't trust in God and idol.
They were out of water and food for a while. When did it Happen? It took place in Egypt
If seeing on a map it is the northern part of Africa
It also took place in the middle east
Specifically Canaan
If seeing on a map it is in the middle of Asia. How did they Migrate
They migrate using animals
Some of the people has and use donkeys
They didn't need a boat because Moses divided the sea into half
They migrate with God's help (the Bible said that)
They migrate with bamboo sword on their hands in case the Egyptians chase. Why did the Israelites Migrate?
To Egypt
Because they were becoming slaves
Because they were under Pharaoh's control
Because they heard that Egypt rarely have starvation and famine.
To Canaan
Cause God had told them
Because God wanted to show He is the real god.
Because Moses had shown them freedom
Because the people needs freedom Where did it Happen How does it influence? Bibliography:
Look into the Bible pp. 4-9
Map of Exodus pp.11, 17 Thank You for Listening:) By: Alin, Stephanie, HyunKi
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