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Colombia to Venezuela

Tim Boersch

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Migration

From Colombia to Venezuela
Lots of Colombians immigrate to Venezuela, but why?
Reasons or Push Factors:
1. Colombia is a very undeveloped country
2. Drug Cartels
3. Dangerous place to live:
-Bad security
4. Diseases/ Bad health service
5. Poverty
6. Bad economy
7. Inequality
Pull Factors of Venezuela:

1. Very biodiverse
2. Developed
3. Rich country
4. Wildlife
5. higher income
Problems for crossing the boarder:
1. Venezuela can't deal with all the immigrants
2. boarder controll fails, because of long border.
3. Venezuela needs to put lots of money into border controll
4. Immigrants take up jobs
5. Increasing homeless rate.
by the coast guard.
A few people travel with boats because they think it is safer but most of them drown or get caught
How could this problem be solved?
1. Venezuela could invest money in something else
2. Apply for help


1. In 2014, 173,519 Colombian immigrants were counted
2. In venezuela there are 11,000 stateless people
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