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Characters, setting, plot

Characters, Setting, Plot

Sarah Henderson

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Characters, setting, plot

Plot Who are the characters in The Tree? Where does this story take place? The Tree Characters Setting The problem and the solution Characters, Setting, Plot Why is it important to be able to
sequence a story? People or animals
in a story. The place where the
story takes place Plot Beginning, Middle
and End Why is it important to be able to identify
Characters in a story? Why is it important to know where a story takes place? Mr. Poppleton
The Tree Doctor
Cherry Sue In Mr. Poppleton's
Backyard Sequence the story in order from
Beginning to End! Beginning:
Mr. Poppleton Plants a tree and
watches it grow Middle:
There is a problem! The tree becomes sick. Mr. Poppleton tries many different ways to solve the problem such as giving the tree cheese and bones. End:
Mr.Poppleton places a bird feeder in the tree.
The tree comes back to life because Mr. Poppleton finally discovered what the tree wanted. How can this help you with your writing? The End
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