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CLE Project - Pope Francis

This presentation serves as my 4th Quarter CLE Project under my teacher, Sir Bob Delfin

Emilson Dumayas

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of CLE Project - Pope Francis

Pope Francis was Born
Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) was born on December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the son of Mario José Bergoglio and Regina María Sívori and the eldest among their five children.
With the Salesians
During his younger days, Pope Francis attended Wilfrid Barón de los Santos Ángeles, a school of the Salesians of Don Bosco, in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires.
The Seminarian
Pope Francis at the archdiocesan seminary, Inmaculada Concepción Seminary and, after three years, entered the Society of Jesus as a novice on 11 March 1958. He was ordained as a priest on December 13, 1969 by by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano.
As The Cardinal
After 9 years of being a bishop, His Holiness was elevated as a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. he later became a relator in the Synod of Bishops and was branded by the catholic herald as "a man open to communion and dialogue".
The Slum Priest
In June 27 1992, Pope Francis was ordained as a Bishop by Bishop Auca together with Cardinal Antonio Quarracino which he later replaced. Under his leadership, priests assigned to work with the slums doubled making him known as the "Slum priest".
2005 Papal Conclave
Pope Francis participated as a cardinal elector in the 2005 papal conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI. It was said that he was one of the main challengers of Pope Benedict XVI until he made an emotional plea that the other cardinals should not vote for him.
"Miserando atque eligendo"
As Pope, Francis shared to us his belief in the importance and power of God's mercy. He said, "Miserando atque eligando" which means "Jesus' mercy towerds sinners" in various media and continues to inspire us all by his words and actions.
His Holiness
On the second day of the 2013 Papal Conclave, Pope Francis was elected as pope. according to Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Pope Francis was elected after two supernatural signs (one in the conclave itself hence confidential and the other when Pope Francis' name was whispered in his ear)
CLE Project - Pope Francis
Emilson L. Dumayas Sir Bob Delfin
9 Variara Salesian Educator

Table of Contents:

- Short Biography about Pope Francis
- Papal Visit in the Philippines
- Personal Reflection

Pope of many First
Pope Francis was branded as the "Pope with many first" because of the changes he implemented since he first faced the public. some of the titles given to him were "the first Jesuit and South American pope", "First to choose the name 'Francis' ", and "First one to ask the people to pray for him rather than bless them first in his first public appearance".
The Inauguration
Pope Francis held his Papal inauguration on 19 March 2013 in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican. He celebrated Mass in the presence of various political and religious leaders from around the world. His Homily focused on the Solemnity of St. Joseph, the liturgical day of the mass celebration.
Controversial Pope
Though many people see him as "A new dawn for the church and for the poor", some people criticize Pope Francis' homilies and actions just like when he kissed the foot of two female juvenile offenders during the ritual of foot washing. this was the first time women were included in the ritual.
The People's Pope Amidst The Storm
On the 3rd Day of the Pope's stay in the Philippines, he went out to see the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban even though a bad weather is approaching. He held a mass exactly at Tacloban airport and had a lunch with some survivors of the said destructive typhoon. The Pope left Tacloban at exactly 1:07 which was earlier than the said schedule; because of this, the Pope deeply apologized for his early leave of the place due to the upcoming Typhoon Amang.
Arrival at The Pearl of The Orient
After his trip to Sri Lanka, Pope Francis then went to the Philippines on January 15 where he was welcomed by the President together with government officials, Religious officials, and 1,200 students from different Catholic Schools in Paranaque.
Inside the Palace and With The Poor
On January 16 (2nd Day) the Pope first went to the Malacanang Palace to meet and listen to Benigno Aquino III as he told his speech. After the President, Pope Francis followed by giving his first public message for the Filipino citizens. Then, Pope went on his way to meet the street children in Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation
Last Day
It was January 18 when the Pope held a mass at the UST grounds where an estimated 24k youths gathered at the university's field. After His mass at UST, he then went to Quirino Grandstand where he celebrated his last mass in his visit. It is said that 6 million people attended to hear and see the Pope.
Personal Reflection
Even though the Pope stayed in the Phlippines for only a matter of time, it can not be denied how much change he has brought in our country.

I, even if I was not able to see the Pope face to face, admits that when the Pope visited, my spiritual life was renewed. His words truly inspired me not just to be a good citizen and to help the poor but also to go back to Christ just when I was totally lost in faith.

When the Pope said during his mass in Tacloban,

"In the moments when we have so much pain, when we no longer understand anything, all we can do is grab hold of her hand firmly. And say, Mom, as a child does to a mother, when he or she feels fear."

I barely was able to hold myself because I know that I'm also experiencing so much pain in my life during that time and I felt that I was alone but I was wrong because I forgot that I have a Brother who'll always guide me and a Mother who's always caring for me.

A New Dawn in The Orient
During the Pope's mass in the UST a group of children told the Pope of their own experiences. One of these kids were Glyzelle who asked the Pope, "Why does God allow children to suffer" then bursted into tears after this. The Pope drew the girl close to him, hugged her, and comforted her. Later on, He answered the girl's question by abandoning his prepared speech and saying in his Homily to follow Glyzelle's example of courage and learn how to weep; "Certain realities in life, we only see through eyes that are cleansed by our tears." The Pope said.
And now, even though the Pope has long gone left our country I would continue to follow his examples and teachings. Truth is, I feel like I've been born a new person - the things I wanted to do are different from what I've wanted before just like how i wanted to be a good example senior to the lower batches, how I wanted to have more Outreach Programs to help others, and many more.

The Pope taught me not to become selfish in desires but instead, to be generous to other people who are less fortunate than me. He also taught me to pray more often to the Father and ask help to Mary in times of need.

Pope Francis really deserves the title "The People's Pope" because even though he could live a luxurious life as a Pope, he never forgot the words that was whispered in his ears "never forget the poor" ad instead chose to use his papacy to be closer and be more helpfl to those in need. If ever I were given a chance to speak with the Pope.. perhaps what I would say will only be two words, "Thank You".

The Pope's Humble Beginnings
Stairway to Papacy
The People's Pope
The Pope's Vision
"Vidit ergo Iesus publicanum, et quia miserando atque eligendo vidit, ait illi, Sequere me."

in English:
"Jesus, therefore, saw the publican, and because he saw by having mercy and by choosing, He said to him, ‘Follow me'."
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