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Social participation and new technologies: new perspectives for social change

Seminar on “Active citizenship and participation of young people in the Mediterranean region”, organised by UNIMED-Youthmed. Reggio-Calabria, 1st August 2013

Cristina Vaquer

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Social participation and new technologies: new perspectives for social change

Methods of action:
Collage and montage
Fake or hoax
Subversive affirmation

“Behind all informational architecture, is hiding a power structure” (Ciberpunk.org, 2008).
Internet implies new ways of organisation, distributed network: open, flexible, recursive, open source, copyleft.

Censorship doesn't work

from social networks to communities -> endogamy.
explosion of Big Data (Forbes, 2012).
Internet has no rights (Stallman, 2012), Internet freedom constantly under attack: ACTA, SOPA, PIPA.
243cat, just another fake
How it all started?
Communication guerrilla campaign post 11S 2012.
Working Group with journalists, documentalists, political scientists, activists...
Trolling: use of fictional characters on the social networks to change public opinion (over-identification).
Media and channels
Twitter @243cat
Facebook 243Cat
Live streaming channel:
Lessons learnt
Before starting any project you have to define the aim, strategy, narrative and using the language and forms suitable for being understood by your target audience.

If you don't know how to do it, just copy it!
Social media and online collaborative tools for social change
Seminars “Active citizenship and Youth participation in the Mediterranean Region"

Workshop 3
The workshop will seek to analyze the key role that social networks, especially Twitter and Facebook, and the web in general hold in the process of democratic transition in the countries of southern Mediterranean, emphasizing how virtual platforms are now a new space for political debate widespread among young people.

By Cristina Vaquer, @tinisima_ – Movement 15M
Moderator: Enrico Pulieri – Youthmed

International Commision 15M Barcelona. Tutorial on activism tools.
People Witness Wiki
Good practices
A lot to learn
Online campaigns
What for?
Changing the agenda of the media and public opinion on a matter, making visible social problems or claims... i.g. ILP PAH (not just online),

ex. of international campaigns
Resistambul http://notes.occupy.net/p/Resistanbul
#WeAreAllGezi http://interoccupy.net/blog/8-9-june-call-for-international-solidarity-with-occupygezi-in-13-languages/
Financing projects
A crowdfunding is a good tool when well use. X.net (2012). "Crowdfunding Experiences in Spain and Catalonia: Key Characteristics, Challenges and Obstacles. Inspiration and Recommendations for a Stronger Tool for Collective, Public and Private Cross-Financing”" http://whois--x.net/img/crowdfunding_cast.pdf
Rereguarda en moviment, the Catalan antirepressive platform, example of participation in the community as a good way of financing.
Voluntary work, a need to take care of ourselves
Create Working Groups for each theme:
active citizenship,
youth participation
and mobility
to work on 1) strategies and 2) tools, to redo the seminars program to facilitate interaction and participation as well as creating a transmedia online archive.

First step: open a pad
DIY #medrc13
How it would look like?
Democracy and censorship
Watching the watchers
People Witness, TomaLaTele...
25S 2012 -> mass media
The People Witness Project
Learning together collaboratively
The net
From comissions to Working groups
Alerta solidària (2013). El malson d'Orwell. Manresa: Tigre de paper. http://www.tigredepaper.cat/wordpress/el-malson-dorwell/
Bravo, David (2005). Copia este libro. Málaga: Dmem. http://www.archivochile.com/carril_c/cc2012/cc2012-040.pdf
Ciberpunks (2005). Documento Identidad: La hora de la blogosfera. http://web.archive.org/web/20080807155634/http://www.ciberpunk.info/documento-identidad/
El-Hage, Javier (June 26, 2012). "Democracies reject Acta, Sopa and Pipa -- but what about autocracies?". In: Wired UK. http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2012-06/26/sopa-acta-democracies-autocracies
Gather Estudios (2012). Resultados encuesta 12m15m. http://prezi.com/ho_vctv_prst/resultados-encuesta-12m15m/
Grupo Autónomo a.f.r.i.c.a.; Luther Blisset; Sonja Brünzels (2000). Manual de Guerrilla de la Comunicación: cómo acabar con el mal. Barcelona: Virus. http://www.viruseditorial.net/pdf/luther_blisset_manual_guerrilla_comunicacion_baja.pdf
ippolita.net (2012). In the Facebook aquarium. The resistible rise of anarcho-capitalism. Milano: Ledizioni. http://www.ippolita.net/en/libro/facebook-acquarium-online
Kapuściński, Ryszard (2000). Il cinico non è adatto a questo mestiere: conversazioni sul buon giornalismo. E/O.
Padilla, Margarita (2012). El kit de la lucha en Internet. Madrid: Traficantes de sueños. http://archive.org/details/KitDeLaLuchaEnInternet
Stallman, Richard (December 17, 2010). "The Anonymous WikiLeaks protests are a mass demo against control". In: The Guardian. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/dec/17/anonymous-wikileaks-protest-amazon-mastercard
Toret, Javier (2013). Techonopolitics: the potential of connected multitudes. The 15M network-system as a new paradigm of distributed politics. Barcelona: IN3.
The digital divide advantage for born digital

The case of the 15M in Spain
15M 2011 12m15m 2012 12m15m 2013

We all have become content creators

List of participants:
going social: http://bit.ly/bcnhubmeeting
Social control
"Orwell's nightmare has come. The European Parliament said in a 2002 report, regarding the interception of legal, illegal or alegal communications in the current world order."
David Fernández (April 2013) on the creation of a commission of political espionage in the Catalan Parliament.

From Technological utopianism to The Net Delusion of (Morozov, 2011).

Who owns your contents? Private corporations? i.g. Instagram and how users have the power to change privacy policy.
What is guerrilla communication?
i.g. People Witness workshops and wiki http://peoplewitness.pbworks.com/
Intangible goods are: abundant, self-produced, copy costs tend to zero and copying doesn't affect original.

Artificial scarcity is caused by patents and copyright laws, "the fiction of intellectual property" (Bravo, 2005).
"He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me."
Thomas Jefferson
Source: http://www.clicktivism.org/
Source: http://visual.ly/hacktivismo
Gather Estudios (2012). Resultados del Estudio sobre el movimiento 12M15M. http://prezi.com/ho_vctv_prst/resultados-encuesta-12m15m/
"Shockingly, this technology sharpens all inequalities we have inherited from the industrial society. The diagnosis, therefore, is that aggravates all, resulting in a map of cracks ranging from geological faults, such as those between rich and poor countries, to small capillary cracks which may go from a family or from a small community and are caused by age, economic status, professional and other personal issues. However, and this is the paradox, accepting that technology aggravates the problems inherited, we can not change the world without technology. That is the big challenge."

Moreno, Fidel (2011). «La lógica borrosa. (Una conversación con Antonio Rodríguez de las Heras)». El estado mental. http://www.elboomeran.com/upload/ficheros/noticias/rodriguez_de_las_heras.pdf
How many of you have a Facebook or Ttwitter user or corporative/collaborative account? In your smartphones?
How do you get informed of the revolts?
Use social networks every day, once a week?
... and how many used to have a blog?
Or http://bit.ly/seminarattendants
Source: Datanalysis 15M. Encuesta 15M
Democracry 4.0
Several projects since Pirate Party:
Democracia 4.0 http://demo4punto0.net/en/node/16
Graba tu pleno http://www.grabatupleno.com/
Wiki constitución http://wikiconstitucion.net/
Liquid democracy
Democracry 4.0
Several projects since Pirate Party:
Democracia 4.0 http://demo4punto0.net/en/node/16
Graba tu pleno http://www.grabatupleno.com/
Wiki constitución http://wikiconstitucion.net/
Liquid democracy http://www.communitywiki.org/LiquidDemocracy
Recuperation of public spaces for the people.
Police repression causes a pull effect.
Ocuppy off and online.
It can be done again, anywhere.
Ocuppy anything
Yes, we can!
Foto: @nadiussky
+ info
Premiere of the documentary on the 4F, a police set-up case, in a abandoned cinema http://documental4f.cc/
"Isn't the best subversion that one which disfigures codes instead of destroying them?" Roland Barthes
Infotainment (Kapuściński, 2000) -> media are not neutral.
Mass media have abandoned social and denounce functions.
Institutionalisation of informations given by public media: just one point of view, the one of the power.
It's about Human Rights. freedom of information, of speech, press freedom under attack all over the world.
Organization and coordination - internal communication
Spreading info - external communication

Tutorials in English
Or you can create new apps depending on your needs, like
or talk to the Spanish PM:
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