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Rizal's Letter To The Young Women of Malolos

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Mikey Lomotan

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Rizal's Letter To The Young Women of Malolos

Rizal's Legacy To Young Filipino Women

Lomotan, Emmanuel
Sarip, Harold

Rizal’s Letter to the Young Women of Malolos
• December 12, 1888 – 20 women of Malolos petitioned Governer-General Weyler for permission to open a night school so that they may study Spanish under Teodoro Sandiko.
• Father Felipe Garcia – Objected with the idea.
Rizal’s Message to Filipino Women
• Rizal expressed satisfaction for what the young women of Malolos fought for.
Responsibilities of the Filipino Mothers to their Children
• In this part, Rizal was telling women that whatever the mother is, so would her son become.
Qualities Mothers Have To Possess
• Filipino Mother must be:
o Noble Wife
o Serve the women of Sparta as a model for rearing children for the service of th state.
Rizal’s Advice to Unmarried Men and Women
• Rizal’s Advice for Young Men:
o Look for a woman who gives priority to firmness of character and superior ideas rather than physical beauty and sweetness of disposition.
• This further pushed the young women of Malolos to go through with their project.
• Alberta Ui Tangcoy, Teresa and Natia Tontoco, Merceeed, Agapita, Basili, Paz and Feliciana Tiongson, Eugenia and Aurea Tangchangco, Leonica and Olympia Reyes and Maria de los Reyes - presented a petition to Governer Weyler asking that they should be allowed to open the night school.
• They triumphed in the end and were granted permission to their project on the condition that Senorita Guadalupe Reyes should be their teacher.
• Impressed and praising these young women, Marcelo del Pilar requested Rizal to write a letter to commend them for their extraordinary courage.
• February 22, 1889 – Rizal sent the letter to del Pilar.
• He wanted Filipino women to have the same opportunities enjoyed by men, which was education, an education that will liberate women.
• Rizal also emphasized:
o Maintaining the independence of mind.
o Reason with the attendant strengthening the will.
o Be vigilant over their rights and not be docile and passive in their attitude towards the many injustices forced upon them.
• Rizal pointed out the duties of a mother on raising her child:
o Raise children close to the image of God.
o Awaken and prepare the mind of the child for every good and desirable idea.
o Teach children to prefer death with honor to life with dishonor.
• Mothers must educate their children on the following values:
o Love for honor
o Sincere and firm character
o Clear mind and conduct
o Noble action
o Love for one’s fellowmen
o Respect for God.
• Three Basic Things a Wife Must Instill in the mind of her husband:
o Activity and industry
o Noble behavior
o Worthy sentiments
• Rizal’s Advices to a married woman:
o Aid her husband, share his perils
o Refrain from causing him worry
o Sweeten his moments of affliction.
• Rizal’s Advice for Young Women
o They should look for a man who possesses these three things:
• A noble and honored name
• A manly heart
• High spirit incapable of being satisfied with engendering slaves.
Rizal’s Reminders on Equality, Self-Respect and True Spirit of Religion.
1. The tyranny of some is possible only through cowardice and negligence on the part of others.
2. What makes one contemptible is lack if dignity and abject fear of one who holds one in contempt.
3. Ignorance is servitude, because as a man thinks, so he is; a man who does not think for himself and allows himself to be guided by the thought of another is like a beast led by a halter.
4. He who loves his independence must first aid his fellowman, because he who refuses protection to others will find himself without it.
5. If the Filipina will not change her mode of being, let her rear no more children, let her merely give birth to them. She must cease to be the mistress of the home, otherwise she will unconsciously betray husband, child, native land and all.
6. All men are born equal, naked, without bonds. “God did not create man to be a slave; nor did he endow him with intelligence to have him hoodwinked or adorn him with reason to have him deceived by others.
7. Consider well what kind of religion they are teaching you. See whether it is the will of God or according to the techniques of Christ that the poor be succored and those who suffer alleviated.
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