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Arts marketing

No description

Samantha Plumley

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Arts marketing

Arts Marketing Product Definition and Identity Proposal Appendix 1 Existing brands

Available markets

Location of brand

Pricing What i need to find out... Campaign Planning Analyse Planning Action Impact gather research create plan alongside existing brands Put research into practice Evaluate 'Effective campaigning is about impact not action, results not effort, outcomes not outputs.' Where to start 'Research is the process of finding out information and investigating the unknown to solve a problem.'

'A systematic process that includes defining, doing and describing an investigation into a research problem.'

(Maylor and Blackmon, 2005, p.5) Market Strategy 'Marketing is the management and process responsible for anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer requirements efficiently and profitably.' SMART Targets '1. Why am I doing this research project, and what do i want to get out of it?
2. What do I want to find out?
3. Where is the information that I want to find out?
4. Who will want to know what I find out?
5. How will I be assessed?
6. When can I start, and when must I finish my work?'

(Maylor. H, Blackmon.K, 2005) Reference 3 + 4 Specific
Time framed Results To create a business plan to market a specific brand.
The achievement of the business plan will be measured on how successful the business is.
Along side many other companies and organizations, this target is achievable and suited to the task at hand.
Timing should allow the marketing to be made effective and in good time to make amendments. Reference 5 Awareness Reference 6 + 7 What i found -Current market
-Location of marketing
-Interest SWOT Analysis Reference 10 + 11
Appendix 1 Unique selling point Personalized art
Identifiable logo
Vintage modern twist Information found at this stage will be kept to refer back to at different stages in the production of the business. Mass and Niche
Markets Reference 12 Mass market- Art enthusiasts

Niche market- Personalised art
Graphics lovers
Photography lovers Market Research Primary

Secondary Finding current artists

Finding out their audience from existing data Reference 13 + 14 Elements of Marketing Reference 15 + 16 Secondary research-

-Customised graphic pieces
-Variety of styles
-Variety of qualities and prices Reference 17 Demographic and Geographic Reference 18 Market Research Geographic-
Region, Population, Climate Demographic-
Age, Gender, Income, Occupation Reference 19 How to put together a survey... Reference 21 Step Analysis-The uncontrollable areas Reference 20 Risk-
unwillingness from participants Who?
Why ?
How? Survey Appendix 5 Analysis Appendix 6 Style image fashion Insert one image of each Reference 22 Pricing, Timing and Placement Pricing Timing Placement Reference 23 Internet Press and Advertising How else... Multimedia Approaches Search engine optimization and viral Marketing Search engine optimization Viral Marketing Copyrighting Design implications Synchronization Web based marketing and promotion Sending samples to the right audience Radio
Television Google
AOL Reference 1 (NCVOcampaigning, 2010) (The Chartered Institute of Marketing, undated) Reference 2 Reference 8 + 9 Reference 13. Appendix 4 Reference 24. Reference 25. Reference 26 Reference 27 Reference 28
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