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Organizational Behaviour Presentation

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Jenna Rodgers

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Organizational Behaviour Presentation

Organizational Behaviour
Founded by Lee Byung Chull in Taegu, Korea in 1938
Started as a small trading company
Now a digital leader
Sells electronics ans services
(Samsung, 2013)

Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Creates, develops, manufacturers, licenses, supports and sells PCs, software, electronics and services
Worlds leading producer and manufacturer of software and hardware for PCs
Currently employs 100,518
(Microsoft, 2013)

Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1977
Designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers
Best known for Mac line of computers, iPod, iPhone & iPad
(Apple, 2013)
3 major functional training centers;
Level leadership training course
Samsung Institute of Global Marketing
Samsung Advanced Technology
Executive education programs for employees
human resource training; creativity, progressiveness & basic talent
(Samsung, 2013)
Periodic anti corruption class
Samsung Electronics management principles;
compliance with laws & ethical standards
clean organizational culture
Respect for customers, shareholders & employees
Care for the environment, health & safety
Socially responsible corporate citizens
(Greenfield, 2012)
People: provide opportunities through training and benefits
Excellence: commitment to building the best products
Change: innovation is important, and setting focus on the future
Integrity: ethical practices, transparent, respect for stakeholders
Co-prosperity: social and environmental responsibility
(Samsung, 2013)
Ethics & Bad Practices
Become more ethical since the death of Steve Jobs
Improvement in working conditions, higher wages, & greater workplace safety have occurred as a result of China's economic position
Employees in China are required to sign an application asking for voluntary overtime
11 hour work days, including weekends
Denies injured workers proper compensation
Employees are fined for not reaching product targets
(Worstall, 2012)
Bad Practices

Chinese factories;
Forced overtime
Work without pay
Underage workers
Poor workplace safety
(Samsung, 2013)
Compare & Contrast
Integrity & honesty
Passion for customers, partners & technology
Open & respectful with others; dedication to make them better
Accountable for commitments and promises that they deliver
Enable people to realize their full potential
Self Critical regarding self improvement
Wide diversity
Truly believes employees are great, bright, creative, energetic and intelligent people
Workplace Diversity

Recognizes the value that different experiences bring different viewpoints
Diversity enriches performance and products
Reflect the growing diversity of the global market place
Seeks individuals with diverse backgrounds - goes beyond recruiting
Ensure diversity is not just a verbal commitment but a reality
promotion of cooperative & productive work environment; provides equal employment opportunity
Powerful minds + different culture and experience = unlimited potential
(Microsoft needs new culture more than CEO sparle, 2013)
Career path options
Movement across professions
Offers over 2,000 educational programs to help employees grow within their career
Employee Resource Groups, Employee Networks & Employee Social Groups
(Microsoft: From an Organizational Behaviour Perspective, 2011)
Ethics & Bad Practices

Named as one of the "World's Most Ethical Companies" in 2013 by Ethisphere
Established a "business conduct line" where employees and the public can report any ethics breaches
Named the second most admired company by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship in 2009
Earned a reputation of making dirty deals and backstabbing business partners
Introducing new updates to cover up bugs, rather than fixing the issues
(Microsoft: From an Organizational Behaviour Perspective, 2011)
Workplace Diversity
Increased effort to diversify the company to include;
Women, those with physical disabilities & high school graduates
38% female personnel; two female commissioned officers
Increase in employees majoring in science and technology & management
Established Women's Counseling Center in January 2001
(Samsung, 2013)
Employee Benefits
Welfare benefits & allowances for employees & family
Health benefits; medical expense & physical exam support; annual checkups for those over 40, biannual for those under 40
Death & auspicious event support
Condominium support; condos purchased by Samsung for use of employees on vacation time
Tuition & daycare support for children of employees
Pension plan: match up to 3% of monthly wages
(Business Case Studies LLP, 2013)
"Man is the creator of change in the world. As such he should be above the systems and structures, and not subordinate to them" Steve Jobs
"Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings." (Apple's Mission Statement, 2013)
Simple, not complex
Do not settle for anything less than excellence
Deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups
Positive Social Contribution
(Apple's Core Values According to its CEO Tim Cook, 2009)
Workplace Diversity
Equal opportunity employer
Support freedom or religion, race, & sexual orientation
Supporter of same-sex marriage
Opposed proposition eight
Gender bias regarding technical jobs
(Ayres-Griffiths, 2008)
Employee Benefits
Health and life insurance benefits
Flexible spending account
Short and long-term disability coverage
Long-term care insurance
401(k) plan with company match
Employee stock purchase plan
Financial education seminars
Tuition assistance
Paid vacations and holidays
Product discounts
Personal and family counseling
Wellness programs
On site fitness center
Commuter programs - with Wifi
Cafe with local, organic ingredients
(Apple, 2013)
Genius training student workbook;
Apple dos and don'ts;
Specific words you are not allowed to use
How to identify & capitalize on human emotions
Dedicated to empathizing, consoling, & cheering up
"A happy customer is a customer who will buy things" - this is the goal
14 day training "bootcamp" must be attended before "Genius" job title
"Become strong while appearing compassionate; persuade while seeming passive, and empathize your way to a sale"
(Biddle, 2012)
Internal Communications
HRCCC policy; Honesty, respect, confidentiality, community, compliance
Employees are not allowed to use; blogs, wikis, or social networks to communicate internally about the company
Zero tolerance policy on spreading rumors
Personal websites my employee cannot be used to discuss the company
"Need to know basis"
Top directors have admitted to keeping important features about products from workers
Heavily monitored workplace; multiple security doors and cameras
Closed communication
(Hammel, 2012)
Employee Benefits

Promotion of flex-time
Opportunity to work from home
Balance career and Personal life
Social security & health benefits
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Worldwide Emergency Assistance Program
Premium shares
Opportunity to purchase Microsoft products at reduced cost
(Microsoft, 2013)
Internal Communications
Annual company meeting webcast available for all employees to view
"5 minute Fridays"; podcast that carries messages from management to staff and vice versa
Faster & more efficient way to transfer information
Engages employees & management on a deeper level
The podcasts are organized into "seasons" with 15 - 20 episodes
(Microsoft: From an Organizational Behaviour Perspective, 2011)
Factories in China have been scrutinized and criticized for mistreating employees (Kan, 2013)
Value social and environmental responsibility (Apple, 2013) ( Samsung, 2013)
Truly committed to creating the best products in the industry (Samsung, 2013) (Apple, 2013)
Similar values; honesty, integrity & innovation (Microsoft, 2013)
Value diversity and attempt to create a diverse work environment (Samsung, 2013)
Intense training programs; Apple the most intense and specific (Apple, 2013)
Received criticism for unethical behaviour; Microsoft recognized as most ethical of the 3 companies (World's Most Ethical Companies, 2013)
Only negative comments about the companies workplace diversity were in regards to Apple regarding gender bias
Opportunity to purchase products at reduced costs (Apple, 2013) (Samsung, 2013) (Microsoft, 2013)
Microsoft can be found on the top 100 companies to work for list (Forbes, 2013)
Similar employee benefits; Stock purchase plan, health benefits, opportunity to purchase products at reduced costs
Training opportunities
(Microsoft, 2013) & (Apple, 2013)
Individual Goal Setting
All companies benefit from employees who actively strive to reach goals
Management should constantly communicate progress on goals
Proactive managers will keep employees motivated and focused
(How to Improve the Behaviour of Individuals in an Organization, 2013)
Providing Feedback
Lack of feedback from managers is a common business problem
Leads to errors and poor work ethic
Providing feedback can help reduce mistakes and problems before they occur
(How to Improve the Behaviour of Individuals in an Organization, 2013)
Positive Environment
Reward employees for creativity and effort rather than punish them for failure
Provide creative and unique reward systems to increase motivation and focus
Recognize employees who excel
Motivate through example
(How to Improve the Behaviour of Individuals in an Organization, 2013)
Creative Side Projects
Designate side projects where employees can step away from daily routine and work on something different
Allocate enough time everyday in order for employees to work on projects
Allow employees to present finished projects to the team
(Improve Creative Organizational Behaviour, 2013)
Diversify Job Roles
Allocated a day or two a month where employees pair up with different teams or departments to;
bring ideas from new perspectives
Allow employees to understand "The Big Picture"
(Improve Creative Organizational Behaviour, 2013)
Open Work Environment

Create open areas where teams can congregate and discuss ideas freely and casually
Minimize the use of cubicles
More open team environments
Allocate time for teams to meet in open areas to discuss ideas
(Improve Creative Organizational Behaviour, 2013)


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