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Greater Cairns Place of Origin Brand Program

An overview of Greater Cairns place of origin brand strategy and program.

David Inches

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Greater Cairns Place of Origin Brand Program

WHAT Here’s how the Branding Program will achieve this reality. WHY i) add commercial value to business and industry ii) attract new businesses to the region ...is this program designed to achieve? Shaping a positive environment for business to flourish and the region to achieve the vision, goals and strategies of the TNQREP. & competitive advantage OUR BRAND STORY our ATTRIBUTES
Empowered by tropical advantages in...

Natural Environment & Resource

Proximity to Asia & South Pacific

Lifestyle & Livability

Tropical knowledge, skills and experience

Developed Tropical Zone Economy. our POSITIONING
A naturally unique and expertly equipped, developed tropical zone economy, leveraging its tropical advantage across the world. our VALUES
We believe in being...
Authentic our PERSONALITY
We are...
Spirited and genuine,
Knowledgeable and innovative,
Welcoming and inclusive our ESSENCE
"Tropical Champions" Champions of the tropics Champions in the tropics HOW Through a collaborative and united effort the Program will deliver ... the Brand Program roles and functions Direction and initiatives driven by business and industry leaders. Branding development programs and education guides. Image and media library, Cairns Region brochures and multi-media presentations, displays, copy and official logo. Proactive publicity and visiting journalist programs to gain exposure for business advancement. Leadership and support for major economic development activities and initiatives. Targeted missions and events. Market intelligence and insights. A network of celebrated Brand Champions. High profile Brand Ambassadors to increase our publicity exposure. ...are we investing in Place of Origin Branding? But how do you capture a brand strategy? So who sparks our brand to life? Online marketing tools, channels and portals. Increased Business opportunity + added commercial value WHO Our Aviation industries leveraging our tropical advantage to attract training participants, grow aviation services from Asia Pacific and visitor numbers from all corners of the globe. Our educators and professional institutions leveraging our tropical advantage to attract the worlds leading academics and brightest students to work and live in Cairns Region. Our fruit and veggie growers leveraging our tropical advantage to export the tastiest produce across Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. Tourism leveraging our tropical advantage to attract visitors to the Great Barrier Reef and Tropical Rainforests. Leveraging our tropical advantage in natural resource to drive the development of renewable energy solutions across the Region. Our FIFO programs leveraging our tropical advantage to attract workers from PNG and northern Australia to adopt a Cairns Region fly in fly out lifestyle. Our architects, engineers and builders leveraging their tropical advantage to export professional expertise into the tropical zone. Agriculture Education Aviation Design and Construction Mining and Support Services Renewable Energy Tourism Our tropical advantages of location, lifestyle, livability and developed economy attracting Asia focused companies to base head office in the Cairns Region. ...through partnerships between the Brand Program and Brand Champions? Health Hospitals and medical services leveraging our tropical advantage to attract the worlds brightest medical professionals to service Cairns Region community and invest in our economy. Our boat builders and shipyards, freight and training services leveraging our tropical advantage to attract international marine business to Cairns Region. Marine iii) strengthen the regions marketing power through education, empowerment and unity So how will the Brand Program deliver? Greater Cairns Tropical Advantage
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