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Science experiment

My science experiment thingo

Tully Rig

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Science experiment

Classic Candle Experiment Aim

- To observe what happens to
the liquid and the candle when
we place a tube over the candle
and liquid Hypothesis

- That the liquid shall be drawn
up into the container and the
candle's flame shall go out

1. A candle
2. Jars and bottles
3. Damp towel
4. Bowl
5. Water
6. Food Colouring
7. Blue-tac
8. Spoon Method

1. Secure the candle to the bowl
using blue-tac
2. Pour the water into the bowl
and add a few drops of food colouring
3. Stir the food colouring and water together
4. Light the candle
5. Cover the candle with an upside down
jar and watch what happens next
Diagram and demonstration Result

- Water rises up the jar and the candle flame expired Discussion Conclusion

My hypothesis was correct that the
water would be drawn up the tube
and the candle flame shall expire.
Thank you for listening and watching my presentation What Happened??

In my experiment the candle flame expired and the water rose up the jar. Why do I think this happened??

I think the flame went out because it used all the oxygen in the jar. As the remaining air in the jar cooled it caused a small vacuum effect therefore forcing the water to fill the jar.
How reliable are the results??

I performed the experiment four times and
I had the same results everytime. How could we improve the investigation??

To get more accurate results we could measure
the amount of water to see if different sized
candles changes the results. We could also use the
same jar and mark the water level reached every
time we conducted the experiment.
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