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The Aeneid & The Odyssey

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 8 December 2017

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Transcript of The Aeneid & The Odyssey

Tying it in
Identify (at least) three moments in the text where Virgil makes a conscious link between this text and:

The Homeric Epics

The Nation of Rome

The Fate of Carthage
The Aeneid & The Odyssey
L.O. - To compare and evaluate the stylistic decisions made in the opening books of The Aeneid & The Odyssey
From your homework - what did you understand the relationship between Augustus Caesar and the Aeneid to be?
Both Texts
End Goal
A Question
On his deathbed, Virgil requested that the Aeneid be burned, rather than published.
Why does Virgil go to such efforts to link all of these disparate themes and ideas together?

Why must The Trojan War be tied into Romulus & Remus?
I want you to identify the thematic, stylistic and narrative similarities and differences between the two opening books.

You could think about:
When do they take place?
When in the narrative do they start?
What is the focus of the narrative?
What is revealed to us by the narrator?
Do they share language techniques?

The Rubicon

Northern Italy

January 49BC

'alea iacta esto'
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