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Halloween Weekend 2

No description

Michael Hulsinger

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Halloween Weekend 2

Halloween Weekend Sarah Shalhowski, Matt Nachtweih, Katie
Kreuscher, Richard Cornell, Yer Her,
Michael Hulsinger Solutions Causing Problem Conspicuous Problems The Police The Hospital Trip Why does this problem continue to exist? Failed "planned" solutions What is currently being done? Do you think its a problem? Throughout this presentation: Is it more than just a holiday? 76.53% out of 100 people who surveyed say that Halloween weekend is not a problem -One big party -Problems No guest policy in dorms City can not control what students/people do Critical response unit
The glass bottle ban -870 emergency calls -Disaster Weekend Conclusion Conclusion -What is up with that 23.47% ??? Party Animal vs Wet-Blanket -Excessive drinking -A lot of out of towners -Increased violence -Dressing up -Criteria -All possible solutions -The best solution -Conclusion Increased staff -Increase in overall patients "Typical" weekend: 110-120 people visit the ER Halloween weekend: 150+ people visit the ER -Majority of patients are 17-22 -Treatment and released from alcohol poisoning Monitoring IV fluids Medically cleared/Ride home -40 citations for alcohol-related offenses -Over 100 police officers on duty Alternative programs for students during the weekend Glass bottle ban Students do not enjoy following set rules City is not as strict as thought to be -More than an a large party Faithfully celebrated -Alcohol Large consumption -Hospital is evident They named it "Disaster Weekend" -Police reports prove the problem exists Police in vicinity increase Conclusion -17 to 22 Underage drinking Police Hospital Out of towners Fighting Police patrol Alcohol poisoning Assault Sexual assault Overdose Police Cont. -A lot of people and alcohol Challenge in identifications -Monitor Facebook and social media -Precautions Additional officers Public service announcements -Residence calls -Out of towners -Regulation of parties Campus holds event Close liqour stores early Check points Increase fines Curfew Close bars Parents weekend Breathalyzer check All possible solutions The Best Solution Criteria Halloween in Chico People from age 17-22 Visitors known as out-of-towners Halloween in Chico Age 17-22 Visitors Week long celebration Multiple parties Huge influence on Halloween Unaware of the consequences View situations differently Ends up either at Police department or Enloe Medical Center or both. Gets crazy up here -Hold an event at city plaza -Criteria Huge amount of alcohol consumption Drug abuse Sexual assault Patients increased Increased arrests -Out-of-towners fault Alcohol as well Other drugs Friend motivation -Dorm solutions Guests Programs Alcohol -Rules followed? -Problem still here -Optional solutions -Event at city plaza
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