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BIG Data - What's Big In It - An Overview

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Ponniah Chidambaram

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of BIG Data - What's Big In It - An Overview

Disclaimer: This presentation is based on the data/ information available in the internet/ analysts report on Big Data.
BIG Data - Whats Big In It?
Big Data: An Overview
Big Data: Technologies
Big Data: LandScape
Big Data: Pure Players & Revenue
Big Data: White Space
Big Data shall be defined as a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large that it's difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.
- Source : Webopedia
Characteristics of BIG Data: 3Vs

Volume: Huge Volume

Velocity: Changes in High Speed

Variety: Comes from Variety of Sources
Social Data (* in a min)
98 K Tweets
700 K Status Updates
11 Mn Instant Messages
700 K Google Searches
170 Mn Emails Sent
1.9 TB Data Created
200 New Mobile Web Users
Data Explosion
10^9 - Giga Byte
10^12 - Tera Byte
10^18 - Exa Byte
10^15 - Peta Byte
10^21 - Zeta Byte
Data Size of Digital Universe- Tomorrow
10^27 - Bronto Byte
10^24 - Yotta Byte
Visualization - Cloud, Mobile, Collaboration

Big Data Apps - Verticals

Trend Analysis across multiple data sources

Consumer Behaviour

Public Data for scoring

New information/ data services business
Channel Stream Data
Customer Service Data
Sensor Data: Temperature, RFID, GPS
New Data Types: Videos, Voice, Digital Images
Technologies To Watch Out
Massively Parallel Processing Database

Search Based Applications

Data Mining Grids, DFS


Distributed Databases

InMemory Databases

Analytical Appliances

Query Optimizing Techniques

12 Feb 2013

BIG Data - White Space
BIG Data Landscape
Big Data is going to Transform the business the way IT did sometime back
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